Sponsor - Chapter 1 Part 2


Next, Mooyoon turns on the television and listens to the news while picking up the newspapers on his desk. The articles highlighted by his secretary in advance are the articles he should be aware of and there are a few of them that stand out.

One was an article that announced actor Yoo Lee Lim was cast in a corporate advertisement to promote Seogeum's image. There was also an article analyzing if the recent hiring of an actor who came out as an Alpha was to represent the image of a company that protects the human rights of minorities. Mooyoon taps his finger on the article.

[TL Note: Seogeum is Mooyoon’s company name]

“Anyway, the alpha during a rut period had committed sexual assaults...The atmosphere is a little different. There are also extreme supporters who, on the contrary, have taken the view of defending sex offenders...”

"Is that so?"

While listening to the secretary's explanation, Mooyoon's gaze is fixed on Lee Lim in the newspaper. He wasn’t interested in what Secretary Yeo was saying.

Lee Lim looked gorgeous in the newspaper. Like most Alphas, Lee Lim has a unique side. He has both an alpha-like and omega-like face. One of the few filmographies of Lee Lim, as reported by the secretary, ncluded a short role and a male omega role as well.

A white and thin face that doesn't look quite like a woman’s. He is also quite tall and has quite wide shoulders, but overall his build is thin and elongated. It is like looking at a tall model. The overall lines on his body are thin, elongated, and charming. Yes, charming.

Although initially, he became interested in him being an Alpha, Mooyoon couldn't turn his eyes away from Lee Lim's face. He can remember, even with his eyes closed, Lee Lim’s smiling face. With eyes that are likely to suck you in, as if saying I love you to the camera, Lee Lim’s smiling face makes you unable to take your eyes off of him. He’s  only seen it once through the news, but Mooyoon already feels like he has been with this man for a few days. Since he was born, he’s never thought of someone this often.

Even now, Mooyoon can't take his eyes off of Lee Lim’s face that was smiling brightly in the newspaper. Even though the newspaper is slightly folded and the face part is strangely twisted, he still looked beautiful.

“So, when did you say we will shoot  the advertisement?”

“Well, we weren’t planning on making an image ad for now, but we’ve already hired an actor. The public relations team said that they will prepare it as quickly as possible, so by the end of this month, concepts and storylines will be released...”

“I’d like to start the shooting at the end of the month while we’re at it.”

“I will prepare accordingly.”

Secretary Yeo replied shortly. Mooyoon's gaze and his long fingers were still on Yoo Lee Lim's smiling face in the newspaper.


The shooting location was noisy, but only a few people were making noises around the area where Mooyoon stood. Aside from that, the overall atmosphere was outstanding. The filming director's annoying voice echoed inside the filming site, and soon Lee Lim entered the filming site.

“Mr. Director, why don't you go inside and wait for the shooting to end? Since there is no place to sit here...”

"It’s okay. I want to watch until the shooting is over.”

Mooyun's gaze meets Yoo Lee Lim's, who just entered the studio.

Lee Lim looks around a few times, approaches the filming director, then moves his head half-heartedly and greets him. He begins speaking to the filming director about something. It's likely for them to be talking about Mooyun. The corporate’s representative director even visited their image commercial shooting, there’s no way they wouldn’t talk about it. Mooyoon notices this and expects to see Lee Lim’s surprised reaction.

However, Yoo Lee Lim acted unexpectedly, just like in the last phone call. The filming director lifted an eye to Mooyoon for a moment to see if he was talking about Mooyoon, but before Mooyoon could respond, Lee Lim’s gaze turned back to the filming director again. And again, the gaze did not reach Moyoon. Since then, the appearance of Lee Lim, which Mooyoon had seen before, also deviated from what Mooyoon expected.

Lee Lim’s image behind the camera is a little different. There’s nothing that resembles the smile that will melt you away, like shown on the screen. When the camera isn't on, he is expressionless all the time, rarely speaks, and sometimes puts on an annoyed face. Of course, whenever he’s in front of the camera, he’ll smile neatly, tenderly, and warmly just like what he always does. His eyes still seem to love someone beyond the camera, and the voice that comes out when he opens his mouth is soft and pleasant to hear. However, when he’s off camera, he starts to frown again.

Mooyoon looks at each of those features. His gaze met Lee Lim’s a couple of times, but instead of seeing him, that person just came across and glanced at him.

Mooyoon found that part of  Lee Lim interesting. Usually people would most likely be anxious after knowing his name and title. However, Lee Lim refused to meet Mooyoon when he’s the one who asked to meet first, even though Mooyoon has tried to make more opportunities, Lee Lim doesn’t even bat an eye at him.

This only made Mooyoon more interested in him and gave him even more glances. Although Lee Lim must have also felt Mooyoon’s gaze boring at him, he still didn’t look at him, and that’s how the filming went on.

“I think we have a little problem.”

In the middle of filming, Lee Lim went back to the waiting room. Mooyoon, who had been watching him was left a little bewildered. Secretary Yeo ran to the filming director only to come back with an expression even more bewildered   than Mooyoon’s.

“Is it gonna take a long time? What's the problem?”

“That...the model can’t understand why he has to repeatedly shoot the same scene...Please let’s just go back, sir. We will solve it soon.”

“What did the filming director say?”

“The filming director said that it was just reasonable filming. It was a common shooting.”

The filming director's argument was valid. Repeat shooting in the commercial setting was quite normal, and actors usually understood and went along. It wasn't a high-risk repeat filming shoot like a food commercial shoot. However, Lee Lim retreated to the waiting room and there was no reason for Mooyoon to care if this was unfair to the filming director.

Out of habit, Mooyoon glances at the watch on his wrist. He has already postponed all schedules just to watch this filming, but to him, time is pretty important so he doesn’t want to waste it away.

“Secretary Yeo, would you like to go directly to Mr. Yoo Lee Lim?”

“Shall I go ahead, sir?”

“Yes, it is okay to raise the model’s  payment, so please resume the filming now.”

The surrounding, which was a bit noisy because of Yoo Lee Lim’s attitude, became quiet after Yeo secretary moved first. She doesn’t forget to glance at her surroundings as she walks.

Another attendant brings a chair over to Mooyoon. He tries not to sit, but since the filming is falling behind schedule, eventually he sits down and crosses his legs while waving his toes slightly, waiting for Yoo Lee Lim to appear again.

Everyone at the studio was anxious about Mooyoon’s presence. The filming director approached him and explained many times that it was a legitimate filming, but Mooyoon was not interested in anyone other than Lee Lim. Instead of telling the filming director not to disturb him, he simply closes his eyes, and his attendant takes the filming director aside to speak with him instead.

With his eyes closed, Mooyoon could hear every whisper around him. He could feel every gaze around him. Mooyoon focused on all that for a moment and soon heard a familiar presence step in.

“The filming will resume immediately, sir.”

After Secretary Yeo finishes speaking, Yoo Lee Lim returns and the filming director resumes the shooting.

A man who appears to be Yoo Lee Lim's manager is wandering around Yoo Lee Lim, and when he hears the cut, he runs to Yoo Lee Lim and tries to appease him. Yoo Lee Lim’s expression is still unpleasant. However, Mooyoon feels better than before even with longer shoots. It was because his gaze annoyingly met his eyes several times.

In reality, Yoo Lee Lim is even more attractive than the man he saw on the screen. He seems much more alive than just a dreamlike smiling face  on the screen and above all, his face that caught Mooyoon’s eye for the first time was more stunning off screen. Even when he’s just frowning or has a displeased look, he still looks incredibly gorgeous.

That was not only what Mooyoon was thinking of but also what he was hearing from the people around him murmuring about Yoo Lee Lim’s appearance.

The phrase, "he's handsome," they spit out over and over again sounded lacking to Mooyoon. It is not his first time meeting a celebrity, but Mooyoon never felt like this even from seeing a beautiful actress. Maybe his type has always been like this.

He’s unable to take his eyes off him. He has never felt like this towards another person before. No, it was the first time that his eyes had remained so long like this on someone. For most of his life, he’s had everything he wanted before he even thought he’d want it.

As a child, when there was a new game machine, the game machine was delivered to him before he even saw an advertisement for it on television. In a matter of hours, the object was in his hands, even if he only had a little interest in it. He didn’t have to tell anyone that he wanted it or to bring it to him.

His life was satisfactory without lack, and he liked his life. Of course, in some areas, it was awfully suppressed and a little incomplete, but most of his life was satisfactory.

However, this was his first time wanting a person. It may be a little late for these feelings. He’s never even experienced a first love. There was a reason, but he had no complaints.

The filming lasted quite a long time and the manager that wandered around Yoo Lee Lim tried to soothe him. In the meantime, Mooyoon kept shooting him glances, little by little, and Yoo Lee Lim's eyes would sometimes meet Mooyoon’s.

“I think the shoot is over.”

“It’s very late.”

“We’ve prepared the food at the hotel. Since it is already prepared, let’s move to the place right now sir.”

Mooyoon immediately stands up from his seat at Secretary Yeo's words and leaves the filming site. After passing the door on one side of the filming site, his car already waiting in front of the door, he got on right away. He wanted to see Yoo Lee Lim’s face before he left, so he stopped the car for a while, but he did not get to see him.

"Let’s go."

The car drove away smoothly at Mooyun's words. In the quiet car, Mooyoon closes his eyes for a moment. Even with his eyes closed, Yoo Lee Lim’s face still comes to his mind first. No one disturbs him. The car enters the city center, but since it’s close to dawn there is no traffic on the streets.

"Mr. Director."

Secretary Yeo opens the car door, and Mooyun gets out of the car. Then, after releasing the watch on his left hand, he reaches out to his secretary. Secretary Yeo takes out a metal case she was holding in her arms. She opens it like a cigarette case and pulls out a white prefilled syringe from it. Next, with a familiar touch, she pushes the needle into Mooyoon’s arm. Staring at the entrance of the hotel in front of him while thinking that Lee Lim will be in it, Mooyoon waits for the familiar stinging pain to pass.

“All done, sir.”

Mooyoon puts his watch back on then walks into the hotel.

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