TMA - Chapter 3 Part 1


part 1

Ben parted with Miller and arrived at his flat. He turned on his laptop to get rid of the anxious feeling. They only got one job but how come they didn't have the skill for it? The flickering cursor on the search bar became burdensome now. Ben started to type something on the keyboard although he wasn't sure where to start.

He typed O'Donoughue, Miller's surname, and waited for the people with the same last name appeared on the screen. Nothing suspicious. Despite O'Donoughue being a unique name, surprisingly there were many people with the same last name, which made it harder for him to acquire the information he was looking for.

He thoughtlessly clicked the links he thought were relevant. But the more he rummaged through the search engine, the more frustrated he became. There were no social media account nor personal homepage linked to Miller. Nothing.

In this modern era, it felt strange that Miller didn't own SNS and personal homepage. But it could be that there's nothing under his name on the internet because he wasn't a real human and only pretending to be so. There's no reason for non-humans to have social media accounts after all.

He was so sure that Miller was a non-human until something caught his attention. There it is, a personal homepage that may be actually linked to him. He clicked on the homepage and saw something that blew his mind.

'What a crazy bastard!'

In that site, the posts were recounting on someone classification of over 240 cigarette brands, London's water salinity, and the most remarkable of all was how he boasted about his knowledge on what the other person did the day before according to what kind of coat and shoes they were wearing now.

Ben was sure that Miller had some kind of disease. There's no way in hell someone sane enough able to make bullshit deductions like this without hallucinating. The guy wasn't even Sherlock Holmes; Sherlock Holmes is believable since it was a work of fiction but this guy? No.

Whoever was the owner of this site, he must be a Sherlock Holmes maniac whose delusion got too far that he thought that he has the same uncanny ability as the famed fiction detective.

The discovery of this weird site made him really excited. Aside from the fact that the owner was a crazy motherfucker who thought of himself as a genius, the inferences the guy wrote were fun to read.

Even though he found the blog to be suspicious, he couldn't stop checking out every post that caught his eyes. Scammer. This word lingered on Ben's lips after he finished reading words by words written on the homepage.

He searched for the blog's "About Me" page but turn out the owner's information was listed on the bottom of the main page. The owner was listed as Eidan O'Donoughue, a detective.

Ben didn't stop clicking everything on the homepage one after another until he stopped in one specific part. He finally found the content that intrigued him to begin his research. It was written by Eidan on the personal chat column. It's only one short line yet it caught Ben's eyes the most.

[Why does Miller have to butt in on the fun job I'm about to do?]

He could be talking about another Miller, but considering their shared surname, he thought that there was some kind of connection between him and Miller. Plus, judging from the tone, it seemed that Eidan held a grudge toward Miller.

Ben only met Miller twice, true, but his impression toward that guy was bad. Miller was the kind of person who attracts critics instead of fans, and he totally deserved it.

He touched his chin whilst humming to himself. He clicked on a link to another blog at the bottom left of the homepage. The link directed him to a personal blog under the name 'Daniel Johnson'. Together with O'Donoughue, Johnson solved quite a lot of cases, organized them, and putting it on his blog.

The cases showcased here vary by requests; some were personally requested to be solved by O'Donoughue, while the others were cases from the Yard. Unlike O'Donoughue's blog, Johnson's blog was more subjective and filled with personal opinion. Judging from the posts, there were suggestions and hints of overflowing affection from Johnson to O'Donoughue.

From these posts, Ben assumed that there was some sort of romantic relationship between Johnson and O'Donoughue. This sparked Ben's interest and curiosity about this detective's couple. Especially since he had the hunch that these two knew Miller, the Miller he's searching about.

Ben didn't miss a single thing from O'Donoughue's homepage that night. He read all of them and once again convinced that the man was indeed out of his mind.

The next morning, Ben went out to visit the flat address he got from O'Donoughe's blog. He pulled up the collar of his jacket to protect him from the blowing wind, standing still in front of the dark green door. He did find the address from his blog but he couldn't just show up in front of some stranger's door out of the blue.

For a while, Ben couldn't stop his body from moving restlessly in front of the door. Press the bell or not to press the bell? It was such a hard decision. What should he say once he comes inside? 'I came here to find out more about Miller O'Donoughue' doesn't sound like a proper greeting to someone you've just met. The guy would have pegged him as a 'weirdo'.

The things he's been worrying on his way started to haunt his head again. It's hard to strategize how to approach your opponent when you're given no clue on what kind of person you're facing.

He wasted another couple of minutes standing in front of the door before he made a life-changing decision. He took a glance at the sky, let out a sigh, and pressed the bell.

It didn't take long until someone opened the door after the bell rang. A chubby man with a shorter statue welcomed Ben from the other side of the door. He scanned Ben from head to toe before giving out a small smile. Ben was sure that the man in front of him was indeed Daniel Johnson.

“New case?” Daniel asked without skipping a beat. Well, was there any better reason behind Ben's visit other than a new case?

“Ah, yes. I have a request if it's okay with you?” the lie rolled out of his tongue easily. After scanning him for the second time, Daniel opened the door wider for Ben, gesturing him to come inside.

Ben followed Daniel. He went up through a narrow stair and entered a room that seemed to be the living room. The room was dark, made darker with the dark-painted wall, and the curtains covering the windows. Add London's cloudy sky and it felt like it was night already instead of the middle of the day.

Ben was observing the room when Daniel told him to have a seat.

“Please, have a seat.”

“Eidan O'Donoughueㅡ”

Ben was about to ask for O'Donoughue when a tall man opened the door and came inside He immediately closed his mouth.

Dressed in a green-ish nightgown, the man didn't seem to expect a guest when he's still in his bedwear. The atmosphere inside the house was pretty chilly with one man stood nervously. Surely not a good first impression of their first encounter.

Ben then recognized the same smell he smelled yesterday from the man's direction. Ben couldn't really tell if he's originally had curly hair or he deliberately permed them. He didn't really style his hair and just kind of left it as it was - which is interesting because one can tell someone's personality by looking at how they style their hair. Tall with pale skin, he reminded Ben of someone.

“What kind of case is it?”

“Should I call it a serial killer case? There are many blunt cases at some alleys in London, lately.” Ben then proceeded to explain the case he read in the newspaper a few days ago naturally. Whether he was listening to Ben when he mentioned his name or not, he just acted as nothing happened and sat on the couch with his eyes locked on his phone's screen.

Ben waited patiently for O'Donoughue to be done with whatever he's doing on his phone. Ben unconsciously swallowed his saliva when suddenly a pair of green eyes sharply stared at him. That one weird case from the homepage popped up in his head at the same time.

O'Donoughue who had been watching Ben saw everything and smirked. “Oh, so you know this case quite well. Only authorized personnel knew about the weapon used.”

“I belong to the Yard,” Ben answered slowly. He licked his dry lips with his tongue. O'Donoughue gave him another smirk. Ben clenched his hand as he felt like O'Donoughue was looking down upon him.

“So it was you, wasn't it? You visited my homepage until dawn today. Am I right?”

Ben blinked his eyes upon hearing what Eidan had just said. He really hit the spot.

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