Sponsor - Chapter 1 Part 1


Walking through the soft carpet. Even though the step is a little bit strong, it doesn't let out much sound. The soft leather sole doesn’t produce much sounds as any other hard soles do.

This luxury shoe is not for the usual walking. It is not meant on the rough ground or it will be done for just a few steps away.

If you drive to the very front of the building, walk a few steps over the smooth and cold marble then take the elevator, there is only a soft carpet behind it.

A black shoe stops in front of the door but the owner doesn’t open it. It’s the person who's been waiting on the other side who opens it. The person doesn’t bring anything. Watch on his wrist, fountain pen on his pocket. That's all on his body.

"Sir, there's a dinner invitation from the VIP."

On the desk, the newspapers published that day are arranged in a certain order and at regular intervals. Behind the woman who just opened the door, some people are walking around quickly inside the room while holding some paperworks.

The black shoe moves again.

“Any other important things?”

"Yes. The weather is good today, and there are not many changes from the schedule. This is today's schedule.”

Folders show up on her tablet screen. The man's long finger lightly taps it to extend the contents. Every time his finger moves, it makes a small noise. Everyone is watching silently.

Only the clock tics, people’s breathing, and very little sounds made by the fingers tapping on the screen.

“Secretary Yeo, can you turn on the TV?"

The man who is a director at this company opens his mouth whilst still looking at his tablet screen. Reading a newspaper while listening to the news as the beginning of his routine.

The secretary standing next to him quickly grabs the remote control next to the newspapers on the desk and pressed a button. The large TV on the wall right in front of the desk lights up, and those who are waiting with documents move their place, in case blocking the view.

The television screen is always fixed on the news channel. The screen you see at this time every day, the background music that never changes, the same news anchor as always, and similar economic news.

The man still watching his tablet screen while the television getting busy.

A news anchor talks about today's hot topti. Reporting on some of the most important stories, such as corruption, accidents, and the surge in international oil prices. The man sometimes raises his eyebrows or nodding his head as if responding to some news while looking at the screen of his tablet.

Until a name stimulates the man's nerves.

[Recently, actor Yoo Lee Lim became the topic when he revealed that he is an Alpha. Discussions on the human rights of Alpha and Omega have become more buzzing since then...]

His fingers stop on the screen tablet. The secretary standstill and watches his reaction, immediately turning up the sound on the television. The director lifts his eyes off his tablet and looks intensely at the big screen.

It is quite rare that celebrity news passing through an economic and social channel. And even rarer when it is not a piece of crime news such as drugs or sexual assault. But it isn't because he is a celebrity that catch his interest.

Now, the television screen has changed from showing the news anchor to a drama clip with an actor named Yoo Lee Lim, smiling with his gorgeous appearance.

“What's his name?”

“It's Yoo Lee Lim, Sir. Shall we find out?"


The man replies so, but he can't take his eyes off the big screen.

The celebrity called Yoo Lee Lim on the screen is so beautiful. His smiley face is fantastic beyond the usual human beings. But it's his eyes, not his looks, that catch the director's attention. Deep, dark, and unstoppable eyes like a lake waiting for people to jump in.

The director is looking at the screen until the man on the screen disappeared.

The secretary looks at the other person differently, waiting.

“Let’s adjust a schedule.”


A ringing tone is heard over the phone. Mooyoon's finger taps the table a few times anxiously. The ring tone rarely goes over the phone. The longer it rings, the faster his fingers move.

The ice from the glass of alcohol that he just drank awhile ago started to melt, he took it back and drank it a little. The bittersweetness of the drink and the crystal clear of the water mixed. The taste is not that good, but it's enough to keep his dry mouth moist.

Mooyoon murmurs several times and rolls the water inside his mouth. When he feels his mouth is moist enough, a click over the phone can be heard. Mooyoon urgently gulps the liquid over to his throat.


"...Are you Yoo Lee Lim?"

[No. This is his manager. Who are you?]

This is a situation Mooyoon didn't think before. He gets a bit embarrassed, never think that the manager would receive it.

“You are his manager? Ah, umm...You should have been contacted in advance…”

[Ah, are you CEO Seo? Yes, I was contacted by your secretary.]

“Yes, can I speak to Yoo Lee Lim then?”


He can feel the other person is in trouble. Moyoon's feeling is not so good. His fingers that keep hitting the desk repeatedly is now irritated. More than impatient.

His secretary must have contacted them first. When Mooyoon asks for a contact number and says he would like to be contacted, she must have prepared enough for it. It should be Yoo Lee Lim who had to answer the phone right away. Mooyoon is not used to something interfering him in the middle of what he does.

‘Did Secretary Yeo made a mistake?’

Mooyoon thinks for a moment, but soon shaking at the thought. That's impossible. She has been with us for almost 9 years already. Mistakes have never been made.

“I thought I was going to speak to Yoo Lee Lim.”

[Oh, yes...I tried to do that too...]

“If I couldn't talk now, I think I should have called my secretary in advance.”

[I'm sorry, sir. Rather than being unable to speak now...]


[Yoo Lee Lim! Wait...!]


It’s suddenly a little fussing over the phone. Mooyoon is still holding the phone, but the other party is not listening to him
Moyoon is thinking about whether to hang up the phone or not. It's actually a bit embarrassing to experience this. No, it feels very unpleasant.

[Sorry, Director! Please wait for a while...!]

[If it’s not about doing Sponsor, I don’t need it!]

The voice of the manager mixed with another person’s voice is heard over the phone. The second voice can be distinguished clearly. Slow but low. It is the voice that came out on television this morning.

Yoo Lee Lim. It is the voice of that Alpha man.


[I’m sorry Director! Calling at this moment is a little....]

It becomes noisy again. Followed by a beeping sound, indicating that the call has been dropped.

Out of his recent calls, it has been the most tense, unknown, and rude call ever. Mooyoon, who has never experienced such rudeness, is worriedly looking at his phone screen.

Should I call back and point out their rudeness? But he just watches his screen blinking before turning into a black screen.

He goes into thinking for a moment. Yoo Lee Lim's voice resounds in his head.

Actually, rather than concerning about their rudeness, he is more concerned over something else. Yoo Lee Lim's voice on the phone is a little bit different from what he heard on television.

Mooyoon looks at the blank phone screen in his hand and turns it on by pressing a button to find a familiar number.

“Secretary Yeo, does our corporate public relations department do things like sponsoring celebrities?”

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