Kinjirareta Alpha - Chapter 1 Part 2


chapter 1 part 2

“You can write anything. Don’t be afraid. As a board member, I just want to know what everyone thinks. Or I shall resign from my position. So please, submit your report.”

Is it really okay? Even if I write that I want to live freely.

He clearly said not to worry and that we could write anything. He was likely talking about the probability of being ostracised by the elite, branded as a selfish omega. Contrary to Keith, the director and the other board members, never considered omegas to be equal human beings.

And yet this man, can he truly understand?

I don’t think there will be a big change in the future, but if there’s just one person who accepts my feelings…

That night, sitting at his desk, Yuan poured his heart out.

Since long ago, he always longed to be a confectioner. Surely because his parents were pastry chefs. His japanese mother went to France to be an apprentice in a Cake shop and there, she married his father, a chief/pâtissier too. After that, she was invited to a French confectionery shop in Scotland so she moved to this country where Yuan seemed to be born.

On the many events celebrated, his parents would always let him eat the sweets. Crepes on Virgin Mary’s Blessing day for example. Every year it was soul cakes for Halloween, buches de Noël and plump puddings for Christmas, then on Easter, chick, dove or egg shaped chocolates.

Furthermore, the sweetness of the caramelized apples on a delicious and irresistible tarte tatin. Fondants au chocolat that melted just like hot chocolate. The enchanting crisp of a charlotte. A crème brûlée, divine combination of thick custard cream and caramel. The rich buttery sweetness of a honey madeleine spreading in the mouth. The mellowed sweetness of a montblanc full of little chestnut chunks. The marron glacé’s spongy texture wrapped in a thin sugar glaze. Gâteaux au chocolat, cream puffs, éclairs, cannelés, savarins, brioches, vol-au-vents, macarons, galettes and so on.

The sweet smell, the gentle smell, and beyond the joy that came from just a bite of their desert, the memory of his parents’ love remained. That’s why no matter how lonely, he was always filled with a happy love upon remembering these memories.

Even in sadness or in pain, he just needed to eat a madeleine or a chocolate and his mood would become lighter and more serene. One must eat to live. Although sweets may be different, or not as important as meals, they still held an amazing effect. It can make one happy, comfort you or cheer you up...and also heal the negative emotions in one’s heart.

[So one day, I want to give these pastries to the children who were forced to live away from their parents, just like me. I wish to be a confectioner who will give them joy. One that will bring them a taste of happiness akin to what I felt before.]

Here, I wrote what I want to do so far it really ok?

It was quite short for a report, but the next day, Yuan turned it in. When Timothy took a peek, his voice raised in surprise.

“Huh, Yuan, did you seriously write that? Will you be alright? Won’t the director be against it?”

Timothy was a beautiful student with amber eyes, long and slightly quirky golden brown hair.

“Didn’t Mr. Keith encourage us to be honest? What did you write then Timothy? Did you say that you want to make baby clothes?”

“Ah, yeah...although it’s true that I’m good at sewing, it doesn’t mean that I want to make a profession out of it. It’s enough if I do the baby clothes on my own. Therefore, I wrote it so the director will not disapprove.”

“You wrote it so he will not disapprove? Purposely?”

“That’s right. I am timid and don’t have the courage to do anything like you...the thought of him keeping an eye on me made me afraid so I couldn’t transcribe my true feelings.”

“...I’m not brave, you know. I was simply moved by Mr. Keith’s words.”

Certainly, the principal’s favorite phrase was probably “Omegas don’t need will, to obediently accept the life they are bestowed is their greatest happiness” as he liked to repeat it.

However, I was honest in wasn’t a good thing to do.

Feeling anxious like so, ten days later, Yuan’s report was selected to receive the prime award of excellence. Thanks to that, they promised that if Yuan was to get the top grade in the final examination, they would help him enroll in Le Cordon Bleu London Culinary School’s Pastry Course and support him until his diploma.

“Is it true...that my report was chosen?” Yuan asked incredulously in the director’s office.

After all, Le Cordon Bleu is one of the world’s best culinary colleges.

“Mr. Keith was truly pleased with your essay. He really liked the madeleines you made for the guests the other day too. They were particularly delicious.”

“Thank you...very much.”

Surprised and moved, Yuan’s voice as well as his legs were shaking. He wanted to make sweets that would bring joy to others, but never thought of entering such an outstanding school would have crossed his mind.

“You are gifted, thus that makes you the ideal student for a project Mr. Keith has in mind.”

“A project?”

“Indeed, but that’s another story...anyway, after you graduate, Mr. Keith thought of giving you an apprentice seat in his mansion or in one of the hotels owned by the marquessate. You must consider the possibility of being refused for a regular employment because you are an omega. However, you have the choice to work by yourself too.”

“Is it...true?”

Despite being an omega, I can work just like a bêta. Is it a miracle? Or as expected, is it a dream?

“Furthermore, considering your gender, he thought of arranging a maternity leave if you ever wish to have a child.”

He will go that far...

The feelings in Yuan’s chest welled up and his eyes grew hotter.

“However, there are two conditions you ought to fulfill. The first one is that you are not to create any problems during the remaining six months until graduation. The second one is that you will be placed first at the final examination. So, will you take up that offer?”

“Y-Yes, I will do my best. Thank you very much.”

He would study bakery. He would be able to make even more delicious sweets. He would be able to make his dream come true. What’s more, it seems like he would be able to work in Mr. Keith’s mansion or in one of his hotels.

That day, during the ceremony, Yuan only looked out at him from a corner of the main hall. He was a distant existence after all. Yet, how happy he would be to be able to work by his side!

That was what he thought, but from the day he received the award on, his school life turned to a living hell.

From the beginning, Yuan felt as if he was out of place but Keith was the Alpha all the students longed for. Most of them wanted to be chosen by him as a pair. They wanted his child.

When they announced the results for the award, it was also revealed that Mr. Keith might grant him his support, thus Yuan earned the others’ antipathy and jealousy.

The next day, the bullying began.

They began by ignoring him. His classmates didn’t greet him. Even Timothy’s mouth was sealed. After that, he lost his textbook and notes. His uniforms were ripped, the windows of his dormitory room were broken, the heater was turned off. That was what his everyday life became, constantly facing such ill treatments.. As the staff mustn't involve themselves in the students’ conflicts, there wouldn’t be any difference whether to report it or not.

Mr. Keith’s condition was for get the top score at the graduation examinations. So I can not give in to this. I have to work hard!

Even without textbooks or notes, he could learn by concentrating during the lesson then reviewing until he digested it and knew it by heart. During hard times, he used to always make sweets to share with the junior high school students (underclassman) and Timothy. Seeing his friend’s smiling face always cheered him up no matter the situation.

Let’s do our best for the next few months until graduation! If we were in a society where omegas are recognized to have the same human rights as others, like the one Lord Keith dreams of, there wouldn’t be any grudge about this special treatment, I’m sure of it...everyone will have become kind, and I wouldn’t feel like that.

Yuan believed in that dream and tried hard but the bullying escalated. During classes, he was stabbed from behind with a compass. Some other times, someone dumped water on him then locked him in the bathroom so he couldn’t attend classes.

However, each time, he remembered about Keith and felt encouraged.

Mr. Keith...the graduation will be here shortly. Give me courage and strength. No matter what happens may my heart be robust.

It became like a daily routine to talk to Mr. Keith in his heart.

Until finally, the one thing omegas ought to have with them all the time, his heat suppressants, disappeared.

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