TMA - Chapter 2 Part 5


part 5

“I don't really know any of this. Please order for me.”

Miller gave no response to Ben's words, he called for the waitress instead. They were talking about the main meals and the chef's recommendation before Miller finally ordered something.

The food started to come out one after another. They all looked delicious, but Ben sat frozen in his seat.

Ever since he was born, Ben always trusted his own instinct, which said not to trust the man sitting across him. You should never judge a book by its cover, and he might be not the one Ben was looking for. He decided not to think too much of it.

Ben couldn't help but stare at Miller. He thought he was looking at a reenactment of the table manner book, because every single movement Miller made was exactly the same as in the book. Despite the fact that there were some of those bastards that were capable of eating human food, he never saw them eat it in a perfect manner.

'He's pretty neat,' Ben thought. He even smelled like fresh air, just like those bastards. Ben tried to stop himself from jumping out onto him.

“What are you thinking about?”

“It's too luxurious for lunch.”

Miller put down the knife on the table quietly and looked at Ben.

“What is it that's bothering you?”

“That you’re pretending you don't know anything.”

Ben started to spit out every thing, that he found it strange when Miller pretended he didn't recognized his face the night of their first encounter. Miller's part of M16 he should've known who Benjamin Edgar was.

“I've never received any picture of you before.”

Answered Miller smoothly as he already predicted what'd Ben ask him about. Miller did run through Benjamin Edgar's profile before but he never received any picture of him. Ben's dumbfounded. 'How is that possible?'

“You should believe what other people say. I did no harm to you last night.”

Ben's left speechless. It could be proven that Miller's innocent if Ben could just believe what Miller said.

Ben's too drawn in his doubt. Perhaps he's a sign?

Ben is a light sleeper. He could be distracted by a slightest sound and awaken from his sleep. Strangely, even when he was fully aware that Miller was with him last night, he still had a deep sleep. Only when Miller tried to touch Ben, he then woke up from his sleep.

If Miller was a sign Ben was looking for all along, how come he couldn't see it until now? And if Miller wasn't a human, it's terrifying just by imagining what could happen next.

Miller locked his eyes at Ben who's lost of words. 'He's indeed a skeptical and meticulous type of person' thought Miller.

If Miller remembered correctly, he didn't do anything suspicious the night of his first encounter with Benjamin. Did his doubtful act was based on his experiences or did Ben just have really good instinct?

Ben's guard-on mode started to irritate Miller. He's starting to feel frustrated.

“So, you're not going to trust me?”

“I've got enough experiences, I can't just simply trust you.”

They looked at each other. It was an awkward moment in the middle of their exchanging gazed scene.

As if they were in a staring contest, both were eager to win the game though Miller had to admit his defeat to Ben afterward. Miller let out a sigh and turned away to a glass of wine.

“You'll find out the truth, eventually.”

Ben smirked but didn't say anything in return. He didn't want to know anything at all. Ben took the salmon with his fork in response to what Miller had just said. Ben continued stuffing his mouth with food without talking.

They finally parted ways after the lunch. Miller cautiously closed the door and hopped in his car. Miller deliberately chose course meals for their lunch so they could have longer lunch time yet it was dull. Ben hadn't said anything nice throughout their lunch though he looked like a good person.

Had he always been like this since he was born? He didn't look like someone who would actually have that kind of personality. It's obvious that he's really good at his job with that sensitivity and alertness but Miller didn't seem to like him at all.

There's no point of meeting him prior, in this case. Despite that, Ben must thought Miller was human last night hence he brought him to his flat and even took care of him. Of which part of him that made Ben activated his guard, Miller would never know. It frustrated him in the end.

It wouldn't be easy but Miller thought that Ben mustn't be someone who'd act recklessly. Miller took extra effort for this but it was useless anyway.

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