TMA - Chapter 2 Part 4


part 4

"No agent from MKV was born on Saturday. And any relation to those bastards is disadvantageous. Based on the information we've got from M16, the numbers of those bastards are increasing rapidly in England, especially London. The top-brass also said that this situation is an emergency, hence M16 will be the one to give all of the information regarding these bastards to MKV, and thus will no longer be working overseasㅡ"

Ben cut off Officer Bradley's long explanation and asked straight away what he's most curious about. "About yesterday's mission, was M16 also part of it?"

"Yes, the information was from them but you didn't say a thing about it so I thought it's not a big deal."

Ben cursed under his breath and got up from his seat after he had heard enough of the answer. All attention was on him when he slapped the door closed. Everyone seemed to know about Miller already.

"Are you okay?" Roxy asked. Ben lightly waved at Roxy and headed back to his office.

Ben could not believe what Officer Bradley had just said at all. Did he really not know about it or did he just hide it from him?

For the first time in his five years serving MKV, Ben started to contemplate whether it's the right time for him to leave the job.

He deliberately joined a big team yet he felt like his movement was being limited. It put him in a difficult situation.

Working alone was better when it comes to hunting but there were times when he couldn't depend solely on his feeling. Hence why additional information from the team would be a great help. But it didn't mean that the more human taking part in this job the better.

Not Meeting to Kill the Vampire but Military to Kill the Vampire. Damn, MKV!

Ben headed toward the convenience store for cigarettes. Maybe smoking could help him get rid of the stuffiness.

He sensed a car was following him as he walked to the convenience store. Ben frowned. 'Has it started? Already?'

Ben deliberately slowing down his walking pace. The car followed suit, the machine humming from behind.

Miller already said that he didn't have adequate information. Ben fully understood that he's from the information team but must he go this far? If Miller keeps annoying him like this, Ben has no choice but to decline it.

Ben stopped, with the car followed suit right after. Ben turned his face to a slowly opened car window, revealing a face that Ben regarded as unpleasant.

"Would you like to have lunch with me? If you haven't."

"I'd like to refuse the offer."

"I don't know what is it that's bothering you, but stop acting like a kid. We'll be working together soon. There's nothing wrong with trying to be close with your future coworker."

The way Miller confronted Ben as if he was a mannerless little kid pissed him off. 'Does he think that I'm one of his brothers or nephews?'

If he lost his temper now, he's exactly what Miller said earlier; a mannerless, ill-tempered child. So he decided to play nice like an adult, grabbed the car's door, and tried to open it to no avail. Miller gently opened the door from inside and moved his body to make enough room for Ben.

It seemed like the car's heater didn't work (was it intentional?) because the temperature inside was hardly any different from the weather outside. The cold air of the car made him felt uncomfortable during the ride.

Together in an enclosed space, he could smell more of Miller's fragrance. Miller perfume's hit his ose like the billowing wind; this smell should be pleasant for most people, but not for him. This smell reminded him of those bastards, making him dislike Miller even more. To define it further, it's a strong smell of sweetness and softness with a fresh feeling and at the same time, warmth. A smell that's enough to attract average human.

Miller took a glance at him who kept silent - not even a word asking where he would take him to.

The weather was good when he went to work this morning but now it had vanished, replaced with a cloudy, dark sky and sort of biting wind. The car window's tint made it feel more stuffy because you couldn't clearly see what's happening outside.

When he turned his head, Miller took a slow glace in return.

Ben's messy gold hair shined brightly even under the dim light of the sun. 'It's like his vibrant hair didn't suit the gloomy weather of London,' Miller thought.

Miller took a glance to other parts of Ben's body. Lips that firmly shut, a pair of innocent eyes that made you think 'what is he thinking about?' The shape of the eyes was slightly

sharp, one may say that it had some resemblance to oriental's eyes. On top of that, he had a mouth-dropping visual that made him look ethereal and non-human. One of the YAVIS. Or even the face of it?

He'd be extremely beautiful if he put even a little bit of effort. It's a surprise to Miller that someone with such a pretty face was willing to do this kind of job.

When they had passed at Tower Bridge, the car stopped in front of a luxury hotel. This was the place where they'd be having their lunch at.

Ben silently trained his eyes had his eyes toward Miller whilst he was getting off the car. Although Miller could tell that someone was staring at him, he brushed it off and walked toward the entrance door without any word. The staff greeted and opened the door for him.

Ben followed after Miller after his figure gone behind the door. Ben went inside and thought about how improper his outfit was considering the hotel's luxurious decorations.

Miller headed toward the restaurant which was on the right side after the hotel's lobby. It seemed that Miller had already made a reservation since the staff led him to a table for the two of them as soon as he saw Miller's face.

After being sat, Miller began to open the menu. He glanced at Ben. Miller's thought was written all over his face which eventually made Ben opened his mouth.

'Aren't you going to order something?'

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