Kinjirareta Alpha - Chapter 1 Part 1


chapter 1 part 1

Around a month ago, Yuan fell in love for the first time.

It was still February, the whole school was covered with snow and enveloped by the frost. That day, a grand rally was held at the academy. The new member of the academy’s board, Marquis Keith Theodore Haddington, was visiting the grounds for the first time, and the huge hall attracted the students. This academy was exclusive for male Omega from the age of six to eighteen.

The primary students wore green ties and knee-length pants. The middle schoolers wore dark red ties and long pants, and the higher grades Yuan belonged to, had a black jacket, a black tie, and striped charcoal grey trousers.

It was exactly the same as the Kings uniform in Canterbury, United Kingdom. The sole difference from them was that each student in this academy has the omega’s symbol tied around their neck: a choker.

In this nation, those identified as omega after gender testing are required to wear a choker provided by the country. In order to prevent someone from being bounded to a stranger, or someone not chosen by the school, the chokers only come off with the owner’s fingerprint.

On the platform of the hall, directors, teachers, and guests were all sitting on chairs. On that day, in the second row on the second floor of the hall, the orchestra’s dozens of members were preparing themselves, bagpipes in hand.

The music team was made up of students selected from the school’s elite, but Yuan was also chosen as a choir member on Christmas for his good voice and appearance.

“Eh, Yuan, it your heat period?”


“There has been a sweet smell for some time already.”

Timothy, the student sitting next to Yuan, whispered into his ear and drew his face closer to smell him. During their estrus, an Omega releases either a sweet flowery smell, a honey-like one, or a fruity scent. The type of fragrance seemed to differ depending on each omega. However, Timothy thought that the smell coming from Yuan that day wasn’t sweet like flowers or fruits, but closer to that of confections.

“Ah, it isn’t my heat. This is because I made sweets in the morning.'' Yuan whispered back with a fleeting smile.

“The personnel asked that of you again?"

"Ah, yeah. I only made madeleines and an apple tart for the guest."

"I see. Yuan’s handmade sweets are exquisite after all. The madeleines particularly delight you with their aroma alone but when you finally eat them the flavour tastes like bliss."

"Thank you. I'm glad they pleased you."

As he said these words, a student placed in front began to belittle him.

“How cunning of that Yuan! He said he was skilled in making pastries and the likes and gained the director’s favour. He’s already in the music team and yet, only him was able to enter the choir too. Moreover, he endeavours to fulfill his student council’s duties. I guess they are thinking of matching him with a prosperous and good alpha.”

That was John.  With his excellent academic grades, he was seen as the leader of their fellow students.

“It can’t be helped, Yuan is half Japanese, half French and can’t even bear his father’s name because he is an omega. Since he isn’t a pure British, if he doesn’t gain points even a little, he won’t be granted with a good partner, will he?”

Yuan dropped his gaze at John's words as he purposefully spoke loudly.

‘But I am not making sweets to earn points.’

He did it because he wanted to bring happiness to his friends. Only relying on the memories he had of the recipies his parents passed down to him during his childhood as pastry chefs. Initially, he was only known for making sweets for the institute but lately the director asked him to prepare some too, at times, when guests from the mainland were visiting.

“Yuan, please don’t worry about these gossips, they are just envious. Everyone knows the choir chose you for your dazzling voice.”

“Thank you, Timothy.”

Being born as one and from the age of six, Yuan received an outstanding education in this institution for elite omegas. In this world, it was impossible for them to find a normal occupation. Since this is an elite school and simply because they were enrolled here, graduates were sent above all, to the wealthy upper class Alphas.

Although the other students were pleased with that, Yuan only, had always longed to build his own life, his own future.

He wasn’t against having children. Since his birth and the results of the examinations, he had accepted this life as his own. However, Omegas bear the offspring but rarely raise their own child.

‘So instead, I want to work as a confectioner and deliver delicious food to children around the world,’ and this thought only, he couldn’t give it up.

Because of his way of thinking and the eastern blood he carried in his veins, Yuan was suddenly considered a burden by the students around. Students such as Timothy, who treated him with kindness, were rare.

‘I guess rivalry is the cause. All for the sake of being paired with a good Alpha.’

Sometimes, he felt like he couldn’t keep up with this senseless competition.

‘Are the Alphas and Betas schools like that too? Or just Omega’s? I don't know anything about the outside world, so I can only imagine.’

Seated on his chair, Yuan thought about it.

Eventually, the ceremony began and the directors with the guests appeared on the stage. On the second floor, Yuan and the others were playing bagpipes. Although the scene wasn’t really close to him, he was able to clearly see a beautiful young man among the guests.

‘Is he the board directors new member, Lord Keith?’

At that moment, the principal rose and introduced Lord Keith to the student body.

“After graduating from Oxford University, Lord Keith has officially joined our board of directors. He is the successor of Marquis Haddington who manages this school and will be working as a lawyer at a law firm in Edinburgh.”

So unlike the other investors, he is also a principal in this academy. Besides being a chairman and the administrator’s son, Marquis Haddington, he will eventually be this school’s head.

“Then, Lord Keith, please gratify us with an assumption of office speech.”

Invited like so, Keith slowly rose from his seat. His hair shone brightly like pure gold as the skylight cast its glow.  A pair of of blue eyes. A refined nose bridge. A velvety white skin. This Keith was clothed in an elegant and fine quality tuxedo and exuded the grace of someone born to be an aristocrat.

Although he just graduated from college, he had a man’s sex appeal, the ruling class’s distinctive dignity and the atmosphere of a young English gentleman. The academy’s personnel was entirely composed of betas, to avoid any mistakes, but even without knowing his identity or social status, one could understand with a glance that Keith was an Alpha.

‘That Alpha? As expected, they are completely different.’

Yuan forgot how to blink and as if in a daze, followed Keith with his eyes. On the stage, Keith’s speech began. He talked about his future projects since he graduated from the Oxford College, such as working as a lawyer while devoting himself to all human rights activities.

‘Human rights...why talk about human rights to Omegas?’

Omegas don’t have the same rights as the other genders...that is what he thought but suddenly, for the first time, someone said that everyone should have the same rights, everyone has the right to choose their life.

“Every Omega here should have the right to choose their own life.”

To Keith’s unexpected words, murmurs rose in unison inside the assembly hall.

‘Your life...on your own?’

With a surprised face and eyes wide open, Yuan stared at Keith standing on the stage. The director’s face stiffened then he rushed towards Haddington.

“That’s impossible, Lord Keith. Because of their heat period, Omegas can’t have normal occupations, so choosing their own path in life, such a thing…”

Thanks to the microphone, even Yuan from his seat, could pick up their conversation.

“There should be professions for them.”


The director finally switched off the device and their dialogue was no longer audible. However, it was clear that Keith was persuading him.

With a defeated face, the director returned to his seat while Keith turned on the microphone and resumed his greeting speech.

“I want a society where Omegas can work. Of course, I want them to take pride in being born Omega, and also to have the right to have children when they wish for it. I will concur to make it so they can choose freely. Sooner or later, we will move towards a more natural and fair society. So first of all, I want all the senior high school students to submit a report. About your life’s own design.”

Yuan focused on these words as if forgetting about himself. A society where he could work. The freedom to decide for himself. This man’s words sounded like gospel to him.

‘Really? Can I really choose my job? Can such a dream come true?’

-     N O T E     -

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