Guardian of The Sun - Prelude (Part 3)


prelude part 3

The chaser’s that tracked down Prince Yong’s group were very fierce. Their aura was the same as warriors in the battlefield. They’re wore their heavy armor suit and held their spear in one hand while riding their war horse. Since they rode so fast in large group to chase prince Yong, the dust behind them was starting to look like a heavy brown cloud. Seeing these kind of chaser’s behind them, Prince Yong was dumb struck by amazement. The amount of chaser’s behind them was just too much for only catching 4 people. Although, Shaw and his two royal guard was very competent in martial arts, their chaser is not an easy opponent either. Since the chaser’s also consisted of high skill warrior from Kazyan Kingdom and also had more people than Shaw’s group. Just judging from their capability to chase after them and almost get to them in a short period of time, Prince Yong was starting to worry about the situation in their hand now.

Seeing the distance between them and the chaser’s slowly became closer as time went by, Prince Yong couldn’t help but quietly strengthen his grab on Shaw’s shoulder. Feeling the grab on his shoulder tighten, Shaw start to speed up his pace while calmly whispering into Yong’s ear.

“Your Highness, please listen to me carefully. Right now we’re going to enter the devil’s forest.”

Prince Yong nodded vigorously, hearing Shaw’s words. He knew very well what kind of place Devil’s Forest was. Devil Forest was located in the border of Kazyan Kingdom. As one part of Kazyan Kingdom Borders’,  Devil Forest was clearly on of the possible route to go in and out from Kazyan Kingdom. This forest was filled with high and dense trees but the people of Kazyan Kingdom never put their feet in Devil Forest before. This place was called Devil forest for a special reason, as the name suggested. It was a popular belief that there was a very powerful devil that lived inside that forest, and anyone that went inside, never came out. It’s just as if they suddenly vanished from this world. So, people of Kayzan Kingdom never travelled to that forest. But now, Prince Yong and his companions didn’t have any other choices but to go inside this Devil Forest to escape from their chaser’s that looked like demons. In front of them, was the rumored Devil Forest, and behind them were chaser’s that looked like demons. It felt like all their choices were horrible. But who knows, maybe this forest was better than the demon chaser’s behind them.

“Since we don’t know what will happen when we enter the forest, please prepare your heart for the worst, Your Highness.”


“Even if something were to happen to me, Your Highness must keep running to the south without looking back. Please remember this, Your Highness. Can you do that? Just run with all your strength to the south. If you keep running south from this forest, you can get out quickly and you won’t be in the Kayzan Kingdom area anymore.”

Hearing Shaw’s instructions, Prince Yong couldn’t nod his head anymore. He didn’t want to agree with Shaw’s instruction. How could something bad happen to Shaw…How could he leave Shaw alone when something bad was happening to him...What will he do when he is left alone without Shaw beside him…He really didn’t want to think about that possibility…

Seeing that Prince Yong just kept silence in his arms, Shaw couldn’t help but strengthen his heart again, and with a firm voice, he explained again to Prince Yong, “If Your Highness passes the Devil Forest, It won’t be in Kayzan Kingdom area anymore. Just past the forest is a desert where the nomad people lived. Although Your Highness has never met these people, they exist. they are not people of Kayzan Kingdom. So Your Highness can asked for their help without worrying.”

“Shaw! No! I don’t want it ! Let’s go together! We’ll get away from this forest together!”

Prince Yong shouted as his voice cracked. Although the thought of running away and staying alone in an unfamiliar place was scary for him, thinking that there was a possibility that something unthinkable would happen to Shaw, Prince Yong can’t help but tremble in fear. He was more afraid that something bad would happen to Shaw. Feeling that Prince Yong was shaking in his arms, Shaw couldn’t help but tighten his hug and pull the boy deeper into his arms.

“Of course all I want is to stay alive and protect Your Highness forever. But everything happening is not working to our plan. There is always a chance of something happening that we don’t expect to happen to us. Even if something does happen and we’re separated, please don’t worry Your Highness. I’ll find you even if I have to exert all my power. And I’ll protect you for all my life.”


Prince Yong still wanted to contradict was Shaw was saying, but he swallowed his words. He had the feeling that right now, Shaw is not only instructing him to get away from the forest but Shaw was also saying his last words to him. It felt like Shaw was saying goodbye in his own way.

“Unfortunately, Crown Price and Hyun Price had already been captured before we could save them…”


Seeing Prince Yong hold his words, without giving time for Prince Yong to feel the sadness or contradict him. Shaw continued to lay the bad news about his brothers. Prince Yong felt that his breath hitch. His royal brother…they already caught the Crown prince and Second imperial prince...After losing his emperor father, he also lost his brothers…His mind started to go blank and can’t think about anything else but the people he lost.

“Your Highness…that’s the reason you need to stay alive…Your highness has to live not only for yourself but also for them. Your Highness needs to stay alive to grab your place again and bow revenge to the pain of the royal family. I’ll make sure that Your Highness will avenge them. I’ll help Your Highness.”

Shaw calmly talks to the boy in his arms who looks dazed and blank but tightened his hold on Shaw’s shoulder. After hearing his speech, the boy in his arms nodded his head as he bit his lips. Prince Yong felt a lump in his throat, which made it hard for him to talk. All he could do was tighten his grip on Shaw’s clothes until his bones could be seen under his skin with his dull and pained eyes.


At that time, there was a sudden sound of a sharp and short whistle coming from behind. It was the secret signal between Shaw and the royal guards. When hearing the sound, Shaw suddenly paced his speed up, faster than before. He ran with the boy in his arms and jumped into the darkness of the Devil Forest. At the same time, the two royal guards behind him, stopped following them into the forest and dashed directly to the previous place towards the chaser’s and fought them face to face.

“Ah!” Prince Yong saw that through Shaw’s shoulder, and shrieked. He kept his gaze to the royal guards behind them, and when he saw them take action, he got another bad feeling in his body. He finally realized what the secret signal meant. The royal guards that protectd him all this life had fulfilled their roles till the very end. They ran towards the chaser’s that followed them closely while unsheathes their swords from their hips to attack the chasers. Two guards facing dozens of chasers and winning against them was impossible. It would be a miracle if that happened. Although, they understood the consequences, the royal guards sped into battle. They bravely faced their death, just to protect the Third Royal Prince, Prince Yong. The sacrificed their life so Shaw could escape with their Royal Highness.

Knowing this fact, Prince Yong couldn’t help but reach his hands to them. Shaw ran as fast as he can into the forest, the royal Guard’s figures became smaller until prince Yong’s hands couldn’t reach them anymore. He couldn’t contain his sadness and helplessness anymore, biting his lips until they bled.

“Your Highness…please do not be sad…they did it for you…and for them, there’s no other mission as noble as sacrificing their lives for their Highness safety…they’re perfectly willing to do this…please don’t be sad, Your Highness…” Shaw’s calm voice didn’t tremble. Prince Yong could still hear the sadness inside Shaw’s voice, he kept looking towards the direction that the guards were in. Like he wants to save their last moment with him in his mind. All the sadness that kept increasing inside his heart slowly turned into anger, tearing his heart bit by bit. All the people he lost; his family, his maids, and his royal guards. The sadness from their deaths started burn him from inside with anger.

Shaw reached the edge of the Devil’s Forest. The wide field of green disappeared and replaced with long grass and trees all around them. If they kept going into the forest, they wouldn’t have been able to see the sky anymore due to the tall trees and that made them harder to move quickly, since there was no pathways to lead them anywhere. At least it was harder for the chaser’s who rode horses to follow them into the Devil’s Forest.

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