TMA - Chapter 2 Part 3


part 2

“Now, where was I again?”

“Failing the mission, sir.”

Officer Bradley’s expression was sour. Ben wasn’t sure what was bothering him, but the sweat beading on the officer's forehead seemed to make it worse.

“What are you doing here?”

“Since MKV failed to do the job properly yesterday, it’s been decided that we can no longer leave the job to them alone. M16 is here to assist.”

“M16 gathers information. Is there really anything they could help us with? Even if they go and steal intelligence from other countries, it’s useless for us,” said Ben harshly.

In disbelief, O'donough raised his eyebrow. The man’s silent condescending look annoyed Ben.

"You didn't get enough information yesterday, now did you?"

His words were firm, as though he weren’t pointing out a fact that everybody already knew. Miller O’donough turned to Ben with a brazen face. The information that was given by M16 was mostly false so even if he had given Ben more intel, it was obvious that Ben would have failed yesterday’s mission anyways.

Ben demanded answers.

"What else do you know? Why were you at the scene yesterday?"

"I was on duty just like you."

 Ben laughed when he heard O'donough's response. The man raised his eyebrows once again at Ben’s laughter before he spoke again.

"Yesterday's failure has greatly concerned everyone."

Ben became very curious about this so-called 'everyone' that M16's director mentioned. Had the Queen been informed about this matter? Or perhaps the Prime Minister? Miller’s words sounded very confident, enough confidence to force himself into MKV’s business.

"Does M16 know about everything that we're working on?"

"No, we do not."

With a toneless voice, Miller answered Ben.

"We know very little about this matter compared to a specialized team like MKV... But we do know that once Spring comes, it will be more dangerous than Winter."


"Our goal is to get this wrapped up before Spring."

"We're not dealing with human crimes here. You don't seem to know about whether, never mind exactly how much, the information has helped us at all."

Following Ben’s words, Miller cut straight to the point.

"Benjamin Edgar. You started working the job when you were 18 years old. After you turned 23, you became the part of the team. You were perfectly fine as a lone wolf for almost 10 years but suddenly decided to join the pack... Isn't it because you are also seeking certain information? MKV will still be doing all the shooting and slashing. There should be no problem with my team gathering the rest of the information."

Ben lips pressed together in a line, holding in his anger while Miller continued.

"And who knows? Perhaps you will find the guy you're looking for based on the precious information we give to you?"

The great M16 had already researched the civilian Benjamin Edgar. If that was the case, then Miller O’donough had already known of Ben's existence on their first encounter that night.

Ben's eyes sharpened with doubled suspicion.

Miller got up from his seat. He felt like Ben’s temper would rip him apart if he kept teasing the man.

"I think we're done talking."

After his terse parting words, Miller strode towards the door. Ben watched his every move. With the way the director conducted himself, every subtlety of his body language, he must had born in a noble family.

Ben kept his eye on Miller until the man finally left the room and shut the door. After the crack of the door shut and the light from the hall was blocked, Ben turned to face Officer Bradley to voice his concerns.

"What is this? Why is this happening so suddenly?"

"M16 knew everything from the beginning. They have eyes and ears everywhere. As for Director O'donough... he belongs to the Queen."

Officer Bradly answered him, and Ben stared back at him in realization.

It was no wonder Ben had lost any desire to cooperate.

It doesn't matter if he belongs to the Queen, they won’t be much of a help, thought Ben.

"MKV was originally M15, right? Why is M16 sticking their noses instead of them?"

Ben could finally bring his less urgent questions up.

Cases had always been divided in a simple way between the two. M15 handled all domestic cases while M16 handled international cases. MKV is a London Police Department belonging to the Yard, thus MKV should been working with M15 instead.

There's no point for M16 to act jointly with MKV.

"MKV belongs to M16, actually."

What was that supposed to mean? Since when did MKV belong to M16? thought Ben incredulously. He shook his head and waited to hear what Officer Bradley had to say next.

"I'll make it simple for you. M16 is the CIA of this country, so we have no choice but to work with them."

Of course the Queen’s dogs would be equivalent to the CIA... But whether it's M15, M6 or even M7— whose existence hadn't been discovered yet— in Ben’s eyes none of them mattered to the issue at hand.

"I thought MKV only dealt with domestic cases," said Ben nervously. Officer Bradley, on the other hand, let out a small sigh.

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