TMA - Chapter 2 Part 2


part 2

As soon as Ben opened the door, the noisy headquarters suddenly became pin-drop quiet. All eyes were trained on him. Clearly the news about his failure on the mission yesterday had already spread.

Ben tried to ignore all the attention turned towards him and walked toward his desk on the other side of the room.

One side of MKV's building was entirely made of glass, allowing the sunlight to shine brilliantly through the office. Since Ben didn't have much deskwork compared to others, they only provided him with a small workspace to use.

In the centre of the room there was a long table, spanning about 3 meters, and above it hung a sprawling map of London. The officers would place a checkmark on the map every time an incident occurred within their wards. If it happened only once, a yellow check. Twice, an orange check. For a third time or more— red.

Across the glass windows there was a computer used for investigating more information about the marked areas, such as important dates or photographs related to the incident.

The MKV has certain procedures for cases: First, the information team will distinguish whether the murder or kidnapping case was committed by humans or vampires. If it involves vampires, they will pass the information along to the investigation team. Last but not least, the armed force team will execute the necessary actions.

Ben is obviously on the armed force team. However, the MKV expects everyone in headquarters to be able to work for divisions other than their own when the need arises.

Standing in the middle of the room in front of the long table, Ben scrutinized the map of London. He was positive that he was looking at the area where he lost his target, but there were no markings to denote the encounter. None.

Certainly a vampire had a hand in yesterday’s incident, but why hadn't the map been marked? And why did that man have to pretend last night? Ben felt like he was missing something important.

"Tell Ben to come inside when he arrives."

Roxy, her dark hair pulled in a ponytail, spoke from her office chair. She was an employee in the office, but in the past she too chased vampires like cats and mice through the streets. Now she only worked from behind a desk.

He tried to peek through the glass walls of the room. It was set-up as a private office, though a blind covered the entire room.

Ben was halfway there when he let out a sigh. He was sure that he would be nagged about his failure on the mission, and could imagine her exact tone she’d have as she badgered him about yesterday.

He continued walking toward the office. Just before he arrived at the door, he smelled something faint. He tilted his head slightly and tried to get a better whiff of it. It wasn't a new scent; he had definitely smelled it before.

Ben couldn't hide his suspicion, but he had to enter the room anyways.

Had the blinds not obstructed his view, he would have seen the two people inside the room. The first person was Officer Bradley, who Ben knew was working on the frontlines.

The other person was quite a shock for him.

It was Miller O'donough, the man from yesterday. His hair was swept to the side to keep it from falling messily on his face, and he wore a suit that fit just right on his body.

Ben remembered the umbrella he saw at his flat that morning.

"We meet again."

Ben ignored Miller's contrived friendly greeting and sent a signal to Bradley with his eyes.

"You two have met each other before? This’ll be easy then. Come, sit."

The gray-haired man addressed Ben, who was still standing by the door.

As he made his way to a chair, Ben stared at the man sitting at the conference table.

Ben could smell the unpleasant scent immediately on his first step inside the room and on the way to his seat. In that short walk his mind was buzzing with thoughts. Did that man come here as a victim? Or is he an old friend from school? Various hypotheses came to mind, but the words he heard next he heard knocked them down.

"Seated on this side is Director Miller O'donough, from M16. Standing over there is Inspector Benjamin Edgar, from MKV. Do you two already know about each other?"

O'donough shook his head slightly. Meanwhile, Ben was still busy organizing the thoughts inside his head.

“M16? Why is M16 here? No matter how great of an organization M16 is, aren’t they still average humans?”

Confused, Ben blinked his round eyes and slowly sat down opposite of O'donough. He noticed that the man had a small forehead and slender nose.  The bright lights of the room lit up his features. He looked gorgeous.

O'donough seemed fairly young despite joining M16 and holding the high position of ‘Director’. It was difficult to tell if he was just blessed with natural youthfulness, or if it was because he had a supernatural ability to seem ageless.

Only one thing was for certain. He didn't look the same as the M16 director Ben had seen on TV, which befuddled him even more.

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