Kinjirareta Alpha - Prologue


The child from 'that time'; with 'that man'—

Even until now, Yuan could remember that day clearly; a big, heavy realization. It was the time he learned another life already forming inside his body.


In summer the sun began to set late in the evening, while in winter the northernmost island of Scotland was covered by drifted ice. There, the boarding school with dormitory system expanding its grounds quietly, as if isolated from the outside world.

"Lunch break is over, hurry up and go back to your classroom!"

The bell rung, and the afternoon class began. Once the students were gone, Yuan walked down in a quiet, empty corridor. The sunlight was too dazzling. Yuan felt slightly dizzy and leaned against the wall.

What is happening? I'm not feeling well recently. I feel nauseous, my stomach aches and I’m frequently sleepy.

Holding up his hand to cover himself from the sunlight, Yuan looked at the outside scenery.

Out there, rolling hills that stretched everywhere under the bright, clear sky. Scattered clouds casting their shadows like dots on the spacious fresh green grassland; it felt like the summer breeze already came to this place.

In summer, when it  filled with heath flowers, the whole land also dyed in purple and a refreshing Eden-like landscape unfolds. Now it was just a green meadow with scattered sheep.

As he stayed still, his vertigo gradually subsided.

It's all right.

Taking a deep breath, Yuan went to the director's office with a basket of cleaning supplies. He knocked on the door and called out.

"Excuse me, I came to clean up."

"Yes, come in."

Behind the door, the director and several high rank officers were sitting around the sofa table. 

Yuan saw Elegant Earl Grays, clotted cream and then the sweet smell of a scone.

The director's office was luxurious with Victorian-style interior.

It was the smell of his favorite sweets and tea, but as soon as he perceived the smell, his chest started to hurt and this unpleasant feeling filled his lung.

This is bad, I can't get sick in this place. Important guest will be here, oh no, this is not good.

Yuan held his breath and hurried to work. A while ago, the director accidentally spilled ink, and before the guest’s arrival, he asked for the floor beside the desk to be cleaned immediately.

Inside the giant mirror placed on top of the fireplace, wearing his cleaner uniform, and quietly sweeping the floor, Yuan’s figure was reflecting. Soft and fluffy black hair, with black, almond shaped eyes, a slender nose bridge and lips that gave off a slight impression of loneliness. He was born between a French father and a Japanese mother. In this school full of natives, he stood out because of his exotic features.

"Then, did you make a decision on the matter of the student named John?" Said the director to a man sitting next to him.

"John is…gifted with intelligence, beauty and on top of that he is a healthy Omega. So after graduation, we will match him with the Duke of Lynton’s son.''

The name, John, grazed his ears and Yuan glanced at the meeting table.

I see, matchmaking. The Duke of Lynton is one of high ranking nobles…

However, this John was in love with another student. And if possible, he wanted to be his partner. But those who were born Omega and from the moment they became student in this institution, had no right to choose their future and their lover.

The students here are just tools for making children.

In this world, besides men and women, exist secondary genders: Alpha, Beta, and Omega.

Alphas are nobles who control the ruling class and represent 20% of the population. They are often royalty, nobles, politicians, CEOs and so forth.

Beta is the gender that occupies the majority of the population. Both sexes and abilities are common genders and has the lowest survival rates.

Omega is a rare gender called the third gender, and is less than 10% of the population. For some reason there are more men than women, but the most distinct characteristic is that Omega males have a special body that is able to conceive and deliver, like a woman.

For the last hundred years, it's unknown if it's because of endocrine disruptors, but worldwide it has become harder for children to be born between Alphas, and Omegas are the needed tools to give birth to their children.

A blood test is performed at birth to find out the gender, but those born Omegas are raised by their parents until the age of six, after which they are required by law to study at boarding schools according to their worth.

After attending the suited boarding school, students are not allowed to meet with family and relatives anymore.

At puberty, an Omega is struck once every three months by a violent estrus period called heat. If one do not thoroughly control heat period with drugs or do not have sexual activity with someone, that person won’t be able to endure the heat and will die, it’s also said that it can cause brain damages.

Omega is therefore treated as an existence with the sole purpose of reproduction. 

Besides, if an Omega ends up signing a contract to become a pair with a specific Alpha, they will not be able to have children with another partner. For this reason, recently, the Omegas that chosen exclusively for Elite Alphas are thoroughly managed so that no stranger would become their partner. Right now, this institution, where the elite of the elite alphas and dozens of young Omega males with exceptional brains and appearance are gathered, is the prime example of it.

Until the other day, Yuan also had been receiving genius education at this boarding school in order to be bound with a distinguished Alpha one day.

"John will be happy, he has been matched with a good Alpha. By the way, who is this eastern-looking cleaner? I saw him greet the student representative before." When one of the officers noticed Yuan, the director grinned with a bitter smile.

"Ah, yes, he—Yuan Mochizuki, like John, he was planned to graduate next month, but unfortunately, he is no longer a student. Because he caused a scandal."

"Eh…a scandal, no way."

"Despite his oriental blood, he was a promising student with a beautiful appearance, top grades in academics, stable mentally, he also had dignity and strength. But unfortunately he dropped out of school because he broke the rules and had a relationship with an Alpha. I am now hiring him as a live-in cleaner."

"Hiring, huh. Despite he’s exotic beauty, he’s a defective Omega."

He could hear his own story but pretending didn’t. Yuan then left the director's office.

"A defective Omega..."

Yuan left the hallway and stared at his neck reflected in the window. Even with his cleaner's uniform on, there was always a choker on his neck and firmly engraved on the skin underneath, the scar of the Alpha's bite.

Traces of a once-intense love remain here.

As long as it is here, I won’t be paired with anyone.

The school's Omega had decided to take an anti-estrus drug during their heat to make sure there won’t be any fault. However the rule was breached, Yuan slept with an Alpha during his heat period.

The selfish Omega who slept with an Alpha, this elite Academy's stain, the fallen Omega, the degenerate Omega, an existence unworthy of living…so was the way he was seen around here.

In this life…it’s my fate to work here.

Most of the servant’s work in this institution was done by such an Omega. Even when he became sick, he didn't get medical care; just waiting to die.

It was the operating school’s duty, after receiving large amounts of money from the mainland Alpha to forever seal the Omega who raised an uproar. But even so, Yuan thought it was fine.

I don't care what will happen in the future because I was able to have a once-in-a-life-time love. I don’t regret losing my future.

Because he thought so, Yuan asked his lover to give him the bound mark. After that, he already prepared no matter what he’ll become. That’s why, it was fine even if he’ll never go out of here until the end. He chose it himself.

As he tidied up the cleaning tools and proceeded down the hallway, he noticed the students’ shapes taking physical education classes on the ground. 

It was at that time, while giving them a sidelong glance, Yuan went to the linen room to iron the students' laundry. 

He was assailed by a sudden need to vomit. Unlike before, this peak was unbearable.


He rushed to the washroom and desperately bearing the nausea for a while. He felt that something was coming up from the back of his throat. Yuan twisted the tap and rinsed his mouth.


Recently, he was always in bad shape. The cold-like symptoms and physical weariness were persisting. Since this morning, especially nauseas and dizziness occurred many times.

What happened, this kind of thing is a first. Doesn’t it look like I’m pregnant?

When he considered it, Yuan gasped.

"Don’t tell me…"

While staring at his face reflected in the mirror, he brought his hand to his neck and removed the choker. Bite marks remaining clearly. This was what bounded Yuan to the only person he held dearly in his heart.

This bite on the neck tied in a mating contract someone who was born Omega with another one who was born Alpha.

No way, No way, No way…

Surely, it’s that. It’s done. 

This man, if it’s his child, then it was from that time, from that one fateful day.

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