Guardian of The Sun - Prelude (Part 1)


WARNING! Contains s*xual ab*se!

prelude part 1

“Are you Prince Yong? We are cousin yet I can’t recognize you since we have never met before.”

That man curled his lips sarcastically. He’s a cold-blooded person. Looking as big as a Jangseung, the striking statue that stands in a village as protector over the Korean people, and as hard as a rock, it was as if he was surrounded with endless darkness and sickening blood.

His hair falls beautifully on his shoulder, his face dark as though he had intentionally turned his back against the blinding sunlight. His sharp, black eyes were shadowy like those of a beast’s. He looked like a demon straight from hell.

In addition to the deafening sound of people shrieking and buildings destroyed, the clanking sound of weapons being swung around filled the Yong’s ears.  All of these things should only appear in a nightmare; the grotesque and terrible noises, the attendant’s blood that was scattered on the floor, and the man that kept on walking towards Yong.

Prince Yong still couldn’t comprehend the entire situation happening in front of him. He just stood there, radiating murderous intent and staring at the approaching man.  The man tilted his head and scanned Prince Yong through the mirror.

“Wow, look at him. Even if you say that he’s a princess, and not a prince, people will still believe it. Our Empress is not even considered as an outstanding beauty. How can she give birth to this beauty?”

The stranger man spoke to himself. Prince Yong acted as if he didn’t hear anything while he scowled at the man. Suddenly, the man who was wearing a giant armor made of thick leather and holding a sword as tall as Prince Yong came close to him.

“Not bad.”

As the disgusting smell of blood suddenly invaded his nose, Prince Yong frowned while the man stayed indifferent. The man’s eyes gleamed strangely as he curled his lips in a seducing way and threw his blood-soaked gloves on the floor. The man briefly studied Prince Yong’s appearance and suddenly cupped the Prince’s pale and soft cheeks. Prince Yong’s pearl white skin was then stained with blood. It was the blood of the maid whose neck had been cut by the man as soon as he entered the room.

“His out of this world’s beauty is enough to brush off the fact that he’s the Late Emperor’s blood. It makes you want to keep him by your side.”

Late Emperor…

Upon hearing that word, Prince Yong’s sharp gaze shook.

What did he mean by the Late Emperor? Which Late Emperor?

‘No, it can’t be. The Late Emperor he was talking about is not Emperor Father, right? No, it can’t be Emperor Father. It’s impossible that they called Emperor Father who yesterday, no—just a few hours ago, still ruled this whole kingdom, Late Emperor right…?’

Yet the noise that worsened Prince Yong's suspicion was getting louder and dreary than before. The stranger man's cold face, now laughing in front of him, was captured by Prince Yong’s shaky black pupils.

“It looks like he didn’t believe it. What a blissful ignorance. That’s not really surprising actually, since the Third Prince has always been living in comfort with no clue about what's going on for so long.”


“But I beheaded your Emperor Father by my own hand. It’s a pity…but what can you do now? Of course, you too, will lose your prince title. It’s not only you but also your entire family who are members of the royal family. All of them will be stripped of their title if they’re still alive.”

The man suddenly stopped chattering when he saw Prince Yong turning blue. Prince Yong’s gaze darkened awfully. Prince Yong felt like he was still trapped in the nightmare that he had no way of knowing how to wake up from it. He couldn’t even hear a word uttered by the man anymore. He was trapped in that burdening nightmare, his head repeating the same sentence again and again.

He said he beheaded Emperor Father…He said Emperor Father is dead…That’s a lie…It’s impossible…

“Actually, the plan was to kill and banish all generations of the royal family but…huh, well, I think letting you live is not a bad choice either.”


“Having the precious prince as my pet is actually going to be really fun.”

The man who kept on mumbling things Prince Yong couldn’t understand suddenly bowed towards the Prince himself. His odd face was too close to Prince Yong’s, who was standing absentmindedly for a moment. The darkness in this room made the man appeared older, but seeing from this close distance he actually looked younger than what Prince Yong initially thought. 

Yet his reflection in the man’s dark eyes seemed to carry a dejected feeling that he had never found in anyone before. This man didn’t feel any emotion. Only coldness could best describe him. Realizing this, Prince Yong subconsciously frowned. The gruesomeness and the smell of blood that came from the stranger man also made Prince Yong instinctively pulled away from him. But then the man’s hand that was as big as a rake pulled his hair backwards. Prince Yong’s small lips that had not uttered a single word were forced open, and suddenly the man sloppy lips engulfed his. All of it happened in the blink of an eye and Prince Yong couldn’t react fast enough.


His shocked eyes were wide open. His small body was now trapped inside the man’s arms and his mouth was invaded by the man’s feverishly hot and wet tongue. Never in his whole life had this kind of thing happened to him before. He regained his lost soul and tried to struggle free from the man’s sudden kiss. He gasped in an attempt to breathe as he glared at the man. His screams were muffled. His body was shuddering. He still couldn’t believe that this kind of thing happened to him. This kind of horrible humiliation was happening to him!

Muffled shrieks and fruitless struggles were obvious. From the very beginning, the strength differences between a military-built man and a boy that had not even reached thirteen years old were already huge. He felt like he attacked a boulder that couldn’t budge even for an inch. Let alone struggling free or running away from this man’s strong arms, he couldn’t even move his fingers. The continuous kiss from this man started to make his body trembled like a falling leaf in autumn.

How this beastly man could humiliate him into this condition; Prince Yong could not think of anything.  It was as if his brain was full of nothing but jumbled confusing puzzles. While sorrow and anger raged inside him, the man paid no attention and still hungrily enjoyed his mouth, ravishing his little tongue. This man was really shameless!

Prince Yong could only stare at the man with empty eyes. The sound of tongue suckling filled the air and greeted his ears.  The mixture of saliva was slipping through their joined mouth. The disgusting sound was put on repeat until he suddenly moved his trembling fist. The sound and the touch that the man forcibly made had raised the anger that couldn’t be controlled by Prince Yong.

“He tasted really delicious. It made me almost forgot that he’s actually a boy, not a girl!”

After a while, the kiss finally stopped. The man looked lewdly at Prince Yong who had given up and looked like he had lost his mind. The man started to strip and took off his heavy armor on the floor.

“These past few days, because of the war, I haven’t got any change to look for a woman. It has become so sore and devastating now…Yet, Heaven helps me! I will taste you first to relieve myself.”

The mocking tone filled the damp room. The voices outside the closed door were still as noisy as before. Inside, the room was filled with silence since there were no one but Prince Yong and the stranger man. It was this fact that made it harder for Prince Yong to accept this reality. Or maybe he just simply didn’t want to accept this reality in front of him.

He felt pitifully sad and abandoned, lonely. Like every single motivation and hope had died inside of him. He stayed still like a doll. He shut his mouth which was wet from the man’s disgusting saliva, his hand formed a fist.

“A prince this young must has never been touched by anyone...”

The man seductively scanned Prince Yong’s body. The already naked man quickly seized Prince Yong’s thin shoulder to his arms. As the man’s blood-tainted hands moved to rip Prince Yong’s expensive silk clothes—


The man’s movement suddenly stopped. At that time, ‘WHOOSH!’

The sound of a sharp blade filled the inner part of the palace. Red blood splattered onto the floor like falling rain. All of this happened within a short time, without any chance to defend from the attack.

The man strangely released Prince Yong. There was heavy silence between the two of them. The man stared at Prince Yong and slowly reached out his hand to Prince Yong’s face. His course and rough fingertips were covered with blood drops. His hollow eyes looked at his own blood.

Soon enough, he shifted his gaze back to Prince Yong’s face.

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