Guardian of The Sun - Prelude (Part 2)


WARNING! Contains viol*nce scenes!

prelude part 2

Prince Yong who previously stayed still like a rugged doll suddenly clenched a dagger in his hand with all his might. He struck the dagger on the man’s face without mercy, making a big long cut to the man’s face. Slowly the bluish dagger in his hand was covered with red blood and small flesh from the man. The man kept staring at Prince Yong’s elegant hand and the dagger in his hand although his face had gotten distorted and covered with blood. There was a long cut from the man’s forehead, passing through his eyes to his right cheek that made the man look more hideous. The blood that soaked half of the man’s face was dripping on the floor of the palace. The man’s left eyes surely wouldn’t be able to see after this.

Yet the man made no sound at all. It felt like the man was a person that couldn’t feel any pain. He just oddly stared at the boy with his remaining eye while uncannily twisting his mouth. Prince Yong took a deep breath and slowly opened his mouth.

“I, Prince Yong, am the third price of Kazyan Kingdom. I’m not a person that a lowly person like you can touch mindlessly.” Prince Yong broke the silence for the first time with his pure and clear voice. He kept his expression cold, clenched his teeth, and glared at the man with his dark eyes. The man stared back at Prince Yong. He looked as if all of Prince Yong action was nothing out of the ordinary.

“Ah...So…this young cub is from that lion after all. An apple really does not fall far from the tree.”


“It’s a pity that all the things you said before is already in the past. You’re no longer the person you’re before. Your dearest Emperor Father is dead. You’re no longer a prince of this kingdom or any kingdom after all. From today onwards, you’re no longer the third prince of Kazyan Kingdom but a male pet that will live under my feet and I can toy with whenever I want. So, now how can I make you realize this reality?”

The man’s shoulder started to shake from holding his laugh as he snickered at Prince Yong. In spite of half his face still bleeding from the cut, the man horrifying laugh filled the quiet room.

“Although it’s actually pretty fun. Training a wild cat like you is a new and fresh experience, really.” The man wiped the blood that ran down his cheek with the back of his hand. Suddenly, he stopped his movement and mocking laugh. On the other hand, Prince Yong’s lively pupils glared at the man dangerously.

Prince Yong’s could sense the sudden change of energy in the room and reflexively hunched his shoulders in fright. His brain warned him that this situation was dangerous. He needed to run away from this situation. Prince Yong’s intuition told him that if he stayed in this situation, surely he would be shred to pieces by the man’s rake like hand and died.

“But what I hate the most is a wild cat that doesn’t know his place.” The man grinded his teeth ferociously and approached Prince Yong with his chaotic figure. Prince Yong instinctively moved backward to get away from him, his eyes couldn’t afford to blink and his throat was dry like it had been burned to a crisp.

“And what I hate the most is the one that can’t read a situation and act up.” As the man started to mutter lowly, Prince Yong’s back hit the table. Having nowhere to go, he stayed still and held his breath. Suddenly, 'SLAP!' A loud thud filled the quiet room. Prince Yong had almost fallen to the floor. His cheeks felt as if it was burned; he left like there was spark of fire right in front of his eyes.

Prince Yong could feel his cheek instantly became hot and red from the loud slap. If there was no table behind him, surely his small body would have been thrown away farther and would have rolled around the floor. Prince Yong lifted up his burning head while barely standing with the help of the table. At the same time, 'SLAP!' The same loud sound echoed through the room again.

Prince Yong fell flat on his face for the second time. He tasted blood in his mouth and quickly spat it out to the floor. He swabbed his blooded and torn lips with the back of his hand without breaking the sharp glare at the man. The man frowned upon seeing Prince Yong’s action.

“Such an arrogant boy. Now, let me teach you how to behave in front of your new owner.” The man spoke coldly and stretched out his hand. As the man’s big bloody hand came close to him, Prince Yong couldn’t help but to close his eyes. ‘Is this how I will die?’ Fear dimly engulfed his mind. ‘So... this is how I will die…’  He stiffened his shoulder in desperation.

“Your Highness Prince Yong!”

Someone shouted his name and the unimaginable situation happened.

‘CRACK!’ A sound of someone breaking the ceiling above his head, and ‘WHOOSH!’ the sound of something being thrown away could be heard at the same time. Sequentially, the room was covered in white thick fog. Prince Yong tried to look around through the fog that covered his eyes. Suddenly from the ceiling he saw a person hanging down, reaching his arm open to him. The person is like a rescue rope in the bedtime stories that he heard before. “Ah...” Prince Yong shrieked. Prince Yong finally understood that that person was coming to rescue him. That person was his royal guard that practically grew up together with him.


As Prince Yong suppressed his heartache due to this miraculous moment, he hurriedly grabbed Shaw’s arm that was reached out to him. Immediately, Prince Yong body was pulled up and through the ceiling. He could still hear the sound of that hideous man coughing and swearing from the room where he had been trapped before. “Where is everyone?! Why is no one out there?! Prince Yong is running away!! Hurry and catch him again!!”

When Prince Yong heard the man loud and resonated voice, he instinctively hunched his shoulder in fear that the man could catch him again. Yet all that fear was forgotten when someone pulled him into a safe embrace. He opened his eyes wide at Shaw.

“Your Highness, please forgive this servant for the discourtesy. But please keep your hold tight to this servant,” said Shaw as he increased his speed. Shaw hugged Prince Yong tightly in his arm while using his martial arts skill to jump from the ceiling to the roof. He jumped from one palace roof tiles to the others. Prince Yong was peeking through Shaw’s shoulder to look around him. The palace that he knew has now turned into a living hell. There were a lot of burning palaces with the heavy black smoke filling the air and reaching up to the sky. There were mountains made from corpses and the palace tile had changed into red by people’s blood. It was a nightmare.

‘Dear God.’ Prince Yong paled as he looked at the palace that was slowly getting farther and farther from him by every second. He closed his eyes. Just a moment ago he thought that he would be dead in the hand of that man. But now he felt as if his limbs were weakened for an entirely different reason; he was saved. Prince Yong clung into Shaw’s neck as if it was the only one keeping him alive.

Shaw was covered in black clothes from head to toe. Behind him were two of his royal guards who protected him. The three of them moved as fast and agile as wind in order to escape the palace. Their only goal was to help Prince Yong escape.

Prince Yong could hear the blowing wind in his ears as they traveled fast. The scenery changed every time he opened his eyes. From the hell-like palace to the battlefield-like capital city; from the empty capital city to the white snowy field; from the snowy field in to the wilderness. Although puzzled by the instantly changing sceneries, Prince Yong could still hear Shaw cursing.

“Bastard…Those damn people…”

Sometimes when crossing the field, he could hear Shaw muttering curses. At that time, he would move his head and looked over Shaw’s shoulder. Since his group contains only two royal guards, not a lot of people can follow and catch them. But now, when he looked behind them, he could see vague movement following them behind. It’s the chaser.

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