DKID - Chapter 3 (ENGLISH)


"What else can I do ...! My father is an evil god and my brother is a demon emperor! I am a devil but, to be honest, I am a peace-loving freeter ...!?"

“Right... Right. You have no choice but to do that. It’s ok, let's drink first, drink."


Slowly, I poured the black tea into his cup. The weeping Demon King then accepted, and drank the tea in one gulp.

I wondered if my stomach would hurt after this.

I don't remember how many cups I've drank until now, but I do remember that I've listened to the Devil King's complaints for two hours.

It seems that the Demon King's family is a truly dark family, and it can be said that he often got scolded by his family for always being weak.

He was indeed born as the Demon King but, he always wanted to spend his time in peace. Maybe that was the reason he lived in this apartment.

And even more surprising, it turned out that the owner of this apartment complex was the Demon King.

You could say that for apartment contract issues and the like, they’re usually handed over directly for management by the company. Certainly, such trivial matters can be handled easily by little devils like Bai * nman.

While using Keigo, I rubbed the Demon King’s back, while he drank his tea.

“So, this Super Peaceful belongs to Maou-san?”

“Right, this place feels Super Peaceful right? But ordinary people are too scared to become residents of this place, and like the devil in general, my own family can be said to have direct bloodlines with yakuza ... Huhu ... Huwaaa ...! "

"Oh! Ah, It’s fine already... It’s fine. Don't waste your handsome face by crying again, okay?"


Because the Demon King continued to cry, I quickly hugged him, and rubbed his head and back slowly. He really was like a child.

The shock swept over me for a moment! My body flinched slightly, as I continued to hug the Demon King who was still full of tears. Inside the eight tatami room, we both hugged each other tightly.

Indeed, it felt very peaceful.

The body that I’m hugging right now is much bigger and warmer than mine.
He might be a Demon King, but the warmth of his body is the same as mine.

While still crying, he buried his face in my neck and resumed his story.

"Huhuhu ... And this is the first time I was greeted by a resident. Everyone always ran away when they saw the nameplate in my room. At that time I was really surprised that I hit my pinky finger... It hurt so much ..."

“Ah, so that’s how it is. Does your pinky finger still hurt?

"Uhm. After all, I'm the Demon King ... By the way, thanks for the Soba. I put it all in the kamidana and on that same day I immediately cooked everything for my dinner ... I ate it after cleaning myself anyway ... The Soba was really delicious ... Sobs ... "

Since our first meeting, every night with feelings of regret, I always eat the remaining Soba.
And I heard it might taste even better if I added eggs sunny side up.
But yeah, I'm happier right now.

That day, after the Demon King finally stopped crying, we ate udon together.

Of course, what we ate was Tsukimi Tororo Udon.

During the meal, the Demon King wiped his two red eyes before finally looking back at me.

"Uh, hey, H-H-H-Hero! Didn't I already say that I'm off on Tuesday? Then why didn't you come yesterday?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I went on a mission on Tuesday."

Right after I said that, the Demon King just said.

“Ugh.. then there's nothing we can do".

But with just one look, I knew that he was actually disappointed with my words.

It made me feel like I had to protect him.

And because of the warm feeling when hugging this little chicken, I decided to make 'Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, the days to go play with the Demon King in his room'.

-  N O T E S  -

Freeter is a Japanese expression to define people who lack full-time employment or are unemployed. It refers to people who do not start a career after high school or university, but instead earn money from low-skilled and low-paid jobs. (source)

Bai*nman / Baikinman:

Respectful language or variety of languages that are more often used in formal circumstances. Using keigo is showing your consideration and respect for a person older than you, with a different position or experience in a company.


Are miniature household altars provided to enshrine a Shinto Kami (God). (source)

Tsukimi tororo udon: