DKID - Chapter 2 (ENGLISH)



With a present in hand, I went back to the Demon’s King room.

This time I didn’t bring soba, but udon.

Near my school, there was currently a Kagawa National Exhibition being held. I was  thinking of inviting him to eat there. It's not that I want to eat with him, okay?

Actually, I came without making an appointment, and I wondered if he was resting ~ with a face full of smiles, I knocked on the door.

Knock knock

“Maou-san~ this is Hero.”

Creak. Click.

Wow ... It only took a few seconds, and the door was immediately opened by the Demon King. I smiled widely because of it.

The Demon King, who had just opened the door very quickly, beared a frowning face, and gave off a black aura. I had a hard time looking into his room.

For some reason, It felt that his hair looked much neater now. The clothes he was wearing also looked more luxurious than the previous meeting.

Oh, there was even a pair of beautiful earrings that decorated his sharp ears. It really matched his appearance.

Even though it suited him very well, what he was wearing didn’t look like casual clothing. I frowned unconsciously. Could it be that he already had another plan today? Looks like I made a mistake.

"Why are you all dressed up? Did you want to go out?"

“Such a stupid question, hmph! These are my everyday clothes. Hurry up and come in!”

As he snorted loudly, the Demon King who still had a sullen face, finally invited me to come inside.

Hey, apparently he had no plans to go out. Even though his everyday clothing looked this good, Demon King is really fashionable huh.

The layout of the Demon King's room should’ve been the same as mine, but this room was clearly more polished, it looked radiant. Shining like the Devil King himself, making this room look like an example of a room in the residential exhibition. Does a cleaning expert clean this room?

The floor of the room was polished with wax. It felt very smooth. Oh, there were houseplants too!

In addition, this room was full of fragrance, making it hard for me to believe that he lived here alone. I took a deep breath.

The TV in his room was large, and in the dark corner of the room, there was a wine cellar or something. Whoa, what a soft mattress! My butt feels like it’s sinking into it!

If only my bed were like this, I certainly wouldn't be able to wake up early and keep sleeping until noon.

"Y-Y-Y-You! Don't sit on the bed! The mattress won't be soft anymore! Unimportant humans like you are better off sitting on the floor!"

"Ah, thank you for the seat cushion. Eh, great! This cushion is also very soft!"

“Not Soft!”

Even though he told me to sit properly, I still allowed my behind to enjoy the bed. The Demon King carried an angry expression as we met eyes, he pointed at the floor. Even so, he still offered me a soft seating cushion. What a good guy.

While muttering something as he spoke, he put the drinks and sweets on top of the beautiful, low glass table. The Demon King began to show his hospitality, bravely.
Rose shaped cookies? Was it a macaroon?

“What do you want to drink? Black tea, coffee, chocolate, green tea, juice, mineral water, or non-mineral water?”

“Uh, can I have kobucha? Do you have it?”

“I think there are some at the bar.”

After all the preparations were happily met, the Demon King finally regained his composure.

Somehow I could not think that I came here to apologize when he suddenly treated me like this.

"First of all, I will praise you for successfully coming to this place ... Kukuku ...!"

"No, that's not necessary at all. Besides, we're neighbors, so I can get here in a matter of minutes. Anyway I’m so sorry, because I came so sudden. Sorry I can only bring you these ... Udon."

"Uh, you're very courteous ... I mean, you're really stubborn huh!"

With a huge grin full of meaning, I handed the box containing Udon to the Demon King. The Demon King spontaneously accepted it while tilting his head.

Hm, so that’s how it looked.

“By the way Maou-San.”


"Don't tell me that you are the type of person that has a difficult time showing their honest feelings?"


Indeed, so easy to read.

And, while waiting for the Demon King to recover, I decided to calmly take a sip of the kobucha that was served.