TMA - Chapter 2 Part 1


part 1

After dealing with a random man last night, Ben had difficulty sleeping. Yet he forced himself to get ready for work. He showered, then dried his hair with a towel. His gold hair was shining under the light of the sun that came through his flat's window.

Whilst drying his hair, Ben walked around his living room with a frowning face. He took his black T-shirt and put it over, thinking of grabbing some food on the way before getting into the office. But somehow he lost his appetite for food, craving for cigarettes instead.

He put his jeans and sneakers on, then checking on his belt gun and the ammunitionit's already like a habit to him. He put the belt gun on and put on his leather jacket.

Before he left the house, he looked at his own reflection on the mirror. For some reasons unknown to him, his half-dried gold hair looked darker than usual. His already slim frame got skinnier as he didn't have his meal properly.

He brushed his hair away from his temple once before he opened the door. The umbrella he put next to the door from last night was still there. Must be that guy's umbrella. He just left it there, thinking that he's unable to turn it back to that guy.

It was a cold morning in winter. Ben mumbled how cold it was under his breath. The piercing wind blew so hard like it's a slap to the face. Ben's working hours were actually flexible so he didn't have to go to work early in the morning, but because he failed his mission last night, he decided to just pop in the office early to get new information of his target today.

When winter comes to an end and spring starts to come, that period of time is the most dangerous.

When spring approaches, people who usually spend their time huddled at home in the winter will start going out until late at night. The usually barren street will be filled with people again. And then those vampires will come out to hunt like predators hungry for their preys.

When that time comes, he wished that he know nothing about these and stayed at home instead. But he knew he couldn't (and wouldn't) let that happen to people.

The target that he chased after last night was the leader of the group and was said to be a close person. If he couldn't capture him, he would have just killed him right away, yet neither was done. In short, it was a big failure.

It was seldom of him to make any mistake, but this time he was proven wrong. He made a huge mistake in an important mission, and if this continues, he could get a restriction and kicked out from future missions.

Ben took the subway and arrived at the London Police Station Department. Across the building, a Scotland Yard sign caught his attention. London Police Station Department was located in the Scotland castle area so it wasn't well known to the public.

He decided to get inside the building. The new building's glass was dazzling under the morning's sun, letting its' rays enter inside the building.  

Ben straightened his back and also strengthened his feet before entering the building. The hallway was slippery, as if it's proof that it was cleaned thoroughly. He trod the floor carefully, then hopped into the elevator. He got off on the 4th floor.

The winter's sun shone brightly and blindly, brightening the hallways. When it was the first time Ben located to the headquarter, MKV hasn't been an official department yet.

Rumour has it that it's better to choose the underground office instead since it was safer. But he had also heard about the story of those bastards who could appear and attack any time, making it dangerous to work in the upper floors.

The fact that vampires could adapt and assimilate themselves to be like humans make them even more dangerous. Some of them are even able to walk around in the daylight, just like the average humans. And since England's weathers are mostly cloudy instead of sunny, it makes this place to be a perfect dwelling for those bastards.

Plus, if Ben's were to be placed underground, he runs the risk of murdering himself. Even with the help of the sunlight, it's still a hard terrain to capture those bastards―even the younger ones.

Also, if he were going to be placed at the underground he would be so angry that it's better for him to just quit the job. At that time, no one listened to his words.

The Yard's 4th floor is where the light of the sun can come inside perfectly at MKV.

Ben read what's written on the office's door. He grinned. MKV, what a childish name, he thought.

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