TMA - Chapter 1 Part 3


part 3

Ben held the umbrella in one hand and supported the man with his other hand when the taxi pulled off.  He opened the front door of his flat and left the umbrella on the floor. Walking to his bedroom with the man still on his support, he then lied the man down on the bed. 

With an awkward hand move, Ben helped to unbutton the man's vest and took off his necktie. Ben now could have a closer look of the man yet he didn't stop cursing. 
Instead of getting his target today, he found a passed out man on the ground. It gave him more burdens to carry. He was close to leave the man there and pretended to not see him but he had gotten this weird feeling that something was off. 

First of all, the man didn't seem to be a human, hence Ben couldn't just leave him. Second, he could have been the prey. Ben was just trying to be kind and helpful. 

He took another look at the stranger and didn't find any particular wound on his body. 

Ben had himself questioning again after he was sure the man wasn't hurt. 

He found the man lying among the trash bags with blood spots here and there. Moreover, rather than him passing out and fainting on the ground, it was as if someone had moved him and put him there, dying among the trash. 

Or he purposely lied down there and pretended to faint. 

He once again thought to himself whether this man was his target or not. If maybe his decision of saving him was wrong.

Ben finally lifted up his gaze after a long stare at the man whose eyes were shut still. 

Although it was weak, Ben was certain that he could felt the man’s heartbeat when he checked his pulse. And that made the stranger a human.

Ben checked and pressed his abdomen where there were muscles. Ben searched through here and there just in case there's visceral injury that couldn't be seen because it was covered by his clothes, but nothing. He found nothing.

Ben stepped back and tried to observe the still unconscious man on the bed. 

Ben eventually rolled his eyes and brushed his hair. He sat down and leaned on the bed.  After making sure he was safe and comfortable, Ben tried to rest after failing on his mission. Even though it's more comfortable for Ben to sleep on the couch, he didn't want to bother moving his body so he forcefully closed his eyes.

Miller frowned when he woke up to a very low ceiling. 

He closed his eyes again in an attempt to recall what just happened. It was 3 in the morning, the darkest time of the day, when he was about to open the medicine's packing. 

Miller remembered the scene before he fell asleep. To escape from a Dampire that had been chasing after Vampire, he purposely ate a medicine and pour blood around the trash bags and made it look like he fainted. He gave out the information about that place with a rumour that it was a place often visited by Vampire. 

On a pile of garbage Miller touched his hair before he fell asleep. 

He asked his brother to buy a sleeping pill that would make him sleep for only an hour but he was sure that his brother gave him a stronger pill. Miller actually thought of buying a sleeping pill that would make him sleep for 2 hours long but knowing his brother is a prankster, he asked for an hour pill instead.  

Putting aside his brother and his prank, Miller tried to get up from the bed. That was when he saw a round head with golden hair leaning on the bed. 

Miller had met Benjamin Edgar, the Dampire, before. When Miller met Ben prior, he doubted himself about Ben's true identity. It was hard to tell at first. Miller purposely made it as if they were fated to meet each other to tear down Ben's guard. 

By the information that he put together until now, Ben was not the type who trust stranger easily but he also could not ignore stranger who needs help. He had a lot of affection. Frankly speaking, Ben is a good person. Honesty speaking, he's quite a dumb type. The situation now was the proof: no one would take a stranger he just met to his place like Ben did. 

Based on the information, he was most likely to succeed yet he could not help but still feeling worried. 

Miller got out of the bed slowly. He didn't seem very happy about his shirt but first, he went to check on Ben. He walked toward Ben. 

Miller couldn't see Ben's face clearly as he was dozing off with his head down. Miller licked his lips whilst looking at the back of Ben's pale neck. 

Miller didn't feel so right about this, right now. Miller couldn't feel anything about Ben. 

He walked closer to have a better look at Ben's face. Miller squatted down and touched Ben's chin to try to lift Ben's head. 

"What the—" 

It must be a habit, bringing his weapon when he sleeps. 

"I'm sorry." 

Ben slowly lifted up his head. As if he wasn't dozing off minutes ago, he opened his blue eyes brightly, he had his guard on. 

Ben couldn't hide the fact that he's got a bad feeling about this situation. He looked at the man and saw what he did to the man's shirt earlier, before he slept. Nothing changed. 

From a closer distance, Ben could smell the man's neat scent. Was it a fabric softener or a perfume, or maybe it was a scent from Miller's body? The scent made him dizzy. 

The man looked puzzled but he didn't seem to be scared. The man seemed to be just fine. He let out a sigh. 

"You can leave if you're feeling better now." 

Ben rubbed the back of his neck and got up. He checked on his weapon once again and headed toward his bed. He sat on his bed whilst looking at his shoelaces. 

Ben never took off his shoes even when he was sleeping because he never knew when he had to chase or be chased. He didn't even remember when it first started.

The man's figure distracted him when he was checking on his shoes. See? It was only a burden to bring the man to his place. 

"Do you have something to say?"

"Ah, where am I now?" 

Maybe it was time for him to quit the job. Of course it was an ordinary question for an ordinary human to ask. He had lost count of how many times he mistook his target. 

"Do you know any taxi number?" 

Staying calm, Miller asked what needed to be asked. Ben answered all questions asked by Miller one by one. 

"I'm a human. Can you at least tell me your name?" Miller asked in a polite tone. It felt like he was in an old movie with a horror atmosphere. 

Ben, who was leaning on the bed, turned his head to the left toward Miller. Ben had this feeling that if he didn't say the answer the man's question, he wouldn't leave his house. He regretted taking the man to his place. 

"Before you ask other people you should introduce yourself first. That's a basic manner, don’t you learn about it?" 

It was shown obviously that the man was raised in a wealthy environment. His face turned sour before it changed back to normal again. 

"O'donough. Miller O'donough." 

In the room filled with silence, a voice was heard.

"Benjamin Edgar." 

After telling his name to Miller, Ben fixed his position, completely ready to sleep. 

Miller watched Ben and thought. He finally found one of the things that had been haunting him on his head. 

Miller swallowed his saliva and looked at the lazy gesture of Ben's hand pointing toward the door. 

"Just leave the door open. It's fine." 

It was Ben telling him to leave the house now. 

The sun had begun to rise outside. 

Miller stepped back from Ben's bed and looked at him silently. As Miller opened the door and went out, he said, "See you later, Ben."

Ben didn't feel so happy about Miller calling him Ben. They just met few hours ago but Miller had already acted like they were a close friend. 

You could not dislike people without any particular reason but Ben just hated Miller, the man he just met few hours ago. Ben had no idea whether Miller's a human or not. But one thing he was sure of, fainting in a pile of garbage wasn't a big deal.

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