DTR - Chapter 2.1 (ENG)


The second meeting does not go with what they have already scheduled. It happens after an afternoon meeting in Connord Hotel, just around the corner from Mayfair Street. Carlyle’s schedule that day ends with a meeting at the Connord Hotel, just around the corner from the main street in Mayfair. Ash’s schedule ends with dinner at a Michelin restaurant inside the fancy hotel. Since his mother is an associate of the hotel, no reservations are required to eat at the place.

Not long after, his cell phone rings. It was the phone that he uses for private affairs. Carlyle puts his hand inside the pocket of his suit coat to reach for his cell phone. As he carefully gets his phone out of the coat, he sees Ash’s name on the LCD.

[Good evening, Carlyle. Would you be okay if we meet today?]

Carlyle has his eyes fixed on the screen as the name that came up is rather unexpected. His father, Jonathan, glances at him. Jonathan, like Carlyle, has always been away from England. But once in a while, he comes back to the country. This time, he is with Carlyle’s mother in the car when he returns to London.

The grey eyes that Jonathan inherited to Carlyle glance over at his son for a few seconds.

“You must be in a hurry.”

Carlyle’s attention shifts to the voice. The client’s eyes also turn to Carlyle. Carlyle’s family is in charge of two businesses. One was related to Frost’s real estate, which is handed over from generation to generation. The other is Jonathan’s investment trust fund.

Since the 19th century, Carlyle’s family has amassed a fortune from their properties in the present day riches in the likes of Mayfair as well as much of their land in Canada. His mother Alice, of that particular background, meets Jonathan, an owner of an investment company, which results in Kyle and Carlyle. It is not an ordinary or favorable marriage.

Jonathan is not from an aristocratic family and most of all, Alice and Jonathan are both alphas. In the society, marriage between alphas is not forbidden, but the aristocratic upper class believed that an alpha should be with an omega.

Alice’s marriage makes his father, Carlyle’s grandfather, angry. His anger leads to the high surveillance that Carlyle and Kyle receive as his grandchildren. He does not want his grandchildren to ‘fail’ again, hence he raises them strictly. In particular, he treats Carlyle strictly. Because Carlyle, unlike his brother Kyle who is a dominant alpha, is only a regular alpha. From generation to generation, the dominant alpha always inherits the business and most of its wealth. Carlyle is a regular alpha, and his brother Kyle is a dominant alpha, so Carlyle is right with his role.

However, his lovely brother was kidnapped at the young age of 13 by a gang of criminals that demands both revenge from a dominant alpha as well as ransom. As a result, Kyle has severe mental aftereffects during his adolescence. Because of this, Carlyle becomes a ‘temporary’ inheritor of the business. He never complains about it. Carlyle knows that he is taken for granted since his birth and most importantly, he knows that his brother’s happiness is what is important. Hence, at the age of sixteen, Carlyle has been prepared to take over the business and make his social debut.

In the past few years, Carlyle works with his father, Jonathan, in Qatar on a spin-off. The client currently in front of him has been important to the Eastern London real estate development, which shares has over the time increased in value. In many ways, it is crucial for the business and needs to be seen well. That’s why Carlyle, to some extent, even begs before the man. The smile that only comes in business meetings appears on his face. Only his lips are smiling, his eyes clearly aren’t. It is awkward yet familiar at the same time.

“Please excuse me.”

Today is Thursday and Carlyle has had some plans. It is as if Ash couldn’t pick a worse time to schedule an appointment. They are supposed to meet on the weekend, so contacting the man later wouldn’t be a problem. He decides to put his cell phone down.

…Will it be okay though?

‘Should I answer him...?’

Carlyle hesitates for a while. That’s because during their last meeting, it is actually their third time meeting, but Ash perceives it as their second. That day, they talked a little bit more about their meetings and then they went on separated ways. As if he is going through a rundown of a curriculum, Ash hurriedly and very briefly explained what they are going to do during those 8 meetings. As interesting as it is to not know exactly what they are going to do in advance, it is also exciting to find out what is on hand each time they meet.

As a result, Ash’s eyes, which are seemingly full of life, came into Carlyle’s mind. Ash’s smile becomes more prominent at Carlyle’s words. Ash is a natural on shifting moods towards his preference. Still, the current situation is confusing for Carlyle.

If he ignores him just like that…

“Roman, why don’t you and I have dinner together? Carlyle seems to need some time alone,” Jonathan says as he sees his son’s hesitation.


Carlyle hurriedly denies. Jonathan, however, turns away from Carlyle and instead says to Roman, “Someone as young as him will find our talks boring.”

“He’s already old enough to take the place, though.”

It is hard to see why Jonathan, Carlyle’s father, makes this proposal. Jonathan, half-way in his agreement, said to Carlyle, “You seem busy, run along.”


Jonathan, who doesn’t want to hear any more words from his son, leads Roman to the elevator door at the end of the hall. Following the two men, Carlyle tries to hold his father back.


Due to his obedient nature, Carlyle stays silent. From the start, he is a faithful child who always obeys his parents’ words. To replace his dominant alpha brother and to not increase the pre-existing household tensions, Carlyle does everything Alice and Jonathan want. One of his virtues is obedience.

“…Then, let’s take a moment to go separately.”

“I’m sorry.”

“Don’t be sorry, Carlyle. See you in our next meeting.”

Roman presses the ‘close’ button on the elevator and the door closed.

Carlyle is left in the empty, quiet corridor. Staring at his phone screen, Carlyle then types a reply slowly.