DKID - Chapter 1 (ENGLISH)


Good morning! Or is it "good evening" already? Whatever time it is, I want to express my gratitude for your hard work today.

I am The Hero.

And my name was included in the list.

Like all young guys in general, I’ve been accepted into Hero Training University. Proudly, I finally moved from my hometown to an apartment near my school. When I checked the things around me, bubbles of excitement surged inside me.

The apartment I’m about to live in didn't look too shabby. In my honest opinion, this two-floored building actually looked quite livable. The name of the apartment is "Super Peaceful Heights" ― a name that really made me want to do my task as university student nicely.

There're 6 rooms on the first floor of this apartment and another 6 rooms on the second floor, making it 12 rooms in total. My room was located at the end of the second floor's corridor, room 206.

The apartment was about 8 tatami size. It also had a communal kitchen and washing machine, but there was no private bathroom. Even though so, every room were equipped with a stove and AC. The room itself cost me about 30.000 yen per month.

Pretty good. Although the station is a bit far from here.

My school participated in a dungeon exploration where you could join in every day voluntarily. If you participated in the exploration, you would get some pay, which was separated from scholarship money. So if I played an active role in the exploration, I could fully cover my daily expenses. Even though I look weak and unreliable, I am the Hero. Fighting monster is a piece of cake that I could take.

The condition of the apartment was not bad at all, but unfortunately, it’s located in Makai, a famously infamous town. To avoid all of the malady this town infamous for, people tend to shy away from living here. Which was sad, because this town was quite close to the campus.

So I walked.

After searching and looking through the building, I finally found the last room and entered inside along with my luggage. After putting up and tidying my things, I looked around the building to say hi and introduce myself to the existing tenants. I also brought soba as an introductory gift. It's just a polite thing to do, you know?

When I got to meet the other tenants, they looked quite shocked to see that there was a new tenant in this apartment. Even though they look scary and intimidating, they were actually quite friendly. The difference was sort of jarring at first, but I was actually quite happy because everyone was being nice to me.

"Ah, soba! Looks tasty. Thanks a lot!"

"Hope you'll like it. I am in your care now, Onii-san."

"Likewise, Hero-san."

And the door was closed. The guy I talked to before was a fanged ogre with a big smile etched on his lips. The red beet horns sticking out from his forehead made that broad ogre look super intimidating. Thankfully he was a kind guy, just like the other guys I met beforehand. This apartment was really astonishing.

After I’m done with the ogre, I continued my steps to the last room with the last soba. The last room was room 101 and there was a placate signed "Demon King" on it.

Ah, so it's the Demon King.

"Good afternoon, I’m the new resident from room 206," I said while knocking the door.

Thud, bang!

There was some noise behind the thin door. Somehow this so-called "Demon King" sound like he was in a hurry. Do I come at the wrong time? Should I come in later?

After waiting for some minutes, the sounds of footsteps finally heard and not so long after that, the door opened a little with a click.

"Yes… W-what’s wrong…?!"

Uh? Why did he act like he was someone who came from a historical drama? Astonished, I tried to look at the figure behind the door. Clear blue eyes stared back with a murderous look. The room right behind him look really dark and gloomy, sort of reminded me of a murderer’s room.

Huh, maybe people in this place was actually scary like this guy? Weird, because the previous 10 guys didn't look scary at all. Nor do I thought of them as scary.

As an easygoing hero, I couldn't use my aura to intimidate him back. So I just put on my biggest and optimistic smile to the Demon King, cheerfully showed him the soba I brought.

"Is this Maou-san from room 101? If so, hello, I’m Hero from room 206. I come here to greet you because I just moved here. If you don’t mind, I brought you soba as a newcomer gift. Please enjoy."

"A-Ah… Uh…?! O-only stupid people give me offering like this… Uh… Uh…!"

"Eh? Maou-san?"

When I showed him the soba, his eyes widened and he immediately squatting.

Eh? Why did he act like this out of the blue? Did I say something that unintentionally hurting him? But my greetings was normal... Impossible! Perhaps he’s allergic to soba? Just kidding, sorry.

After overcoming my shock from seeing him suddenly crouching down, with some guilty feeling, I forcefully opened the door to see the condition of Demon King clearly.

When the Demon King saw me, he suddenly hid his face with his two hands and screamed.

"M-Maou-san, what’s wrong? Don't tell me that you allergic to soba?"

"I’m the greatest Demon King! How could I eat grass food like that!?"

"But soba is not grass!"

"I’m talking about you!"

"I’m not soba!"

"I don’t want to listen to useless people words!"

In the haze of confusion, I replied whatever bullshits I didn't understand by yelling back at him. No shit, this conversation got worse by each second.

And in the midst of that riot, I actually succeed in making sure that he didn't have any allergy to soba.

The Demon King suddenly got up and took the soba that I brought, drove me out of his room quickly, and without another word, slammed the door right in front of my face.

Why did he do this kind of thing to block me? This kind of style unconsciously reminded me of Twitter's block feature. You know, when you're just trying to be a polite newcomer and greet the existing tenants inside their units, but one of the tenants suddenly shouting at you for some incomprehensible reasons and then kicked you out of the blue. Very Twitter, isn't it? Super priceless experience.

I’m sorry, Maou-san. Did I come during an improper time? Were you masturbating? I’m sorry, I’m sorry!"

"You…! Don’t say such things to people! A Demon King like me doesn’t need to do something like that! The women are always ready to serve and replace my two hands! I even can get sexy women to help me when the need arrives!"

"Ah, sorry. So you were making out and doing hanky panky with your girlfriend? Miss girlfriend, I’m truly sorry!"

"How dare you saying those things! M-my girlfriend is a strong independent woman and has been a ruler since her birth and the Demon King doesn’t need something like that!"

"Miss Imaginary Girlfriend!"

"Not imaginary!"

Worried with his condition, I knocked on his door several times. The Demon King shouts could be heard again.

Oh, so is that how is it? I thought I was disturbing his sexy time with his right hand. But turn out I was disturbing his sexy time with his imaginary girlfriend. For you who was behind these scenes, I’m really sorry.

In front of the Demon King's door, I bowed my head as a form of apology. Not long after that, from behind the door came a squeaky sound, "I don’t need that apology."

Was it even visible?

And then, after all those shouts and uproars, the Demon King shouted again from his room.

"I-I will give a stupid person like you a chance to apology! Next week, my part-time job's off days are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday! You can find me at my castle in those days! Ahahaha! Huwaa… I-I’ve said it… Huwaa…."

...What the hell?

Sooo... he was that kind of guy? Maybe the last sentence he said in a small voice was actually the true feeling of the Demon King?

I started to think that he is a really interesting guy and also a little cute. In the end, I laughed with him and then answered, "Gladly!"

Although I didn’t hear any answer from inside, the door look like it was shaking. Maybe he felt touched with my answer. Um, adorable.

"That was really fun. See you soon, Maou-san."


Silver hair that could make everybody envious as well as a beautiful figure clad in stiff black clothes.

The Demon King in diagonal, the furthest room from my room.

Fortunately, all the residents in this apartment were really good people. While crossing my arms in front of my chest, I walked back to my room cheerfully. Starting from now, I think my life is going to be really fun.


*Maou-san addressed himself as Ore-sama