TMA - Chapter 1 Part 2


part 2

Ben, a 27 years old with fancy gold-coloured hair and blue eyes, is working at a police department. He was raised by a single mother who've already passed away when he was 20 years old. Those are Ben's personal information that most people know of.

But the truth is, Ben works in a department specializing in vampire hunting. And that his late mother was a victim of sexual assault and attempted murder by a vampire.

Before moving to London, his mother was born and live in an area not far away from London. She was a kindhearted person who believed everyone, that everyone is kind, just like her. Thus, she often got hurt and fooled easily. Even so, she led a normal, happy life before her eventual demise. If only that incident didn't happen, she might be still living her life happily by now.

Her reason to come to London was to marry a man that her parents had chosen for her. And the night she arrived in London, that's when her misery began. On her way to her dorm, for the first time in her life, witnessing a vampire sucking human blood from the victim's neck.

At that time, she was merely a young woman, who just came to London from the countryside. Frozen on her track, she realised that she couldn't do anything but stare in horror. After a few moments, she was able to regain her consciousness, took a few steps back, and then screamed.

By the time she opened her eyes, she was lying down on a hospital's bed. That night's incident resulted in a sexual assault and scars that would remain with her for years.

Due to that, the wedding was cancelled and she returned back to the village. But she couldn't stay in the village for long because someone spread the news of her pregnancy.

The girl who once dreamed of a happy marriage and happy family was left with nothing but a grudge.

Left alone, she gave birth inside a warehouse by herself and gave her baby boy name: Benjamin. Due to her not having a husband, the baby didn't have a father so the family name was given after her family name. Thus, the baby was named Benjamin Edgar. This was the only thing Ben inherited from his mother―the 'Edgar' family name.

When Ben was young, his mother eyes met Ben's eyes and smiled.  "You have no idea how happy I am that you were born on Saturday," she said. It happened only once but it's enough to make him wonder why his mother was so happy about him being born on Saturday.

It took him years to finally found out and understand the mystery of his mother's gratefulness. Turns out that people who were born on Saturday have the special talent to recognise them.

When he was still living together with his mother, to support them, his mother worked in a small pub. She spent most days being drunk. If not, she would mumble things to herself.

Due to his beautiful face and good body, seeing various men going in and out from his mother's room was like a daily routine to Ben. Sometimes they had breakfast before leaving, some gave Ben candies and pocket money, but other times, it was his mother who took them home because they drank too much alcohol and couldn't go back to their own place with their own foot.

One day, he caught his mother mumbled to herself again. She said that she wanted Ben to grow up fast so he can kill them all. Ben thought that 'them' she referring to were the men that she brought home every night. Thus, Ben punched a man that her mother brought home once. Of course, it didn't hurt him as much as what happened when Ben was a lot younger. The man was quick to catch the atmosphere so he headed back.

Right after that, his mother spoke to Ben, "Don't do something careless."

"But you want me to kill them, right?" he answered while rubbing the spot that been hit by her.

Ben's mother stared at Ben deeply. "Don't say something like that―like you have to kill someone. You need to kill them for me. You can do it, can you?"

At that time, Ben couldn't understand. If what she meant wasn't to kill those men, then what did Ben has to kill? The young Ben couldn't understand what he has to kill and what she referred to.

Ben really couldn't understand a thing. But his mother's cryptic words weren't the only thing that he couldn't understand. There were other things too; his mother's pitiful expression toward him and her inability to love him like any regular mothers out there.

Younger Ben was full of things he didn't know and his loneliness increased.

He couldn't hold it any longer and screamed, "If it's not those men, then who am I supposed to kill?! If you really want to kill them that bad, don't ask me to do so!"

The room fell silent but it only lasted for a brief moment. His mother suddenly screamed back at him, "There's only one reason on why I gave birth to you. And that is the reason why I didn't kill you!"

The memories of that day came flooded in her head.

Ben was so afraid of seeing his mother acting like that. He ended up apologizing over and over again on his knees. His mother forgave him before she passed out.


Ben woke up from his sleep at the sound of his mother calling. Ben was sleeping late because of the crying.

It was the first and also the last time his mother called him Ben, not Benjamin, with a soft voice. Even though she called him with such a loving voice, she still made him scared and had a goosebump.

Ben got up from his bed.

His mother fixed her position on the edge of his bed and opened her mouth, "Listen to me carefully," she said, tone as stiff as a rock. "You're not human."

Ben was shocked by what he just heard. For a 7 years old boy, "you're not a human" was such a scary sentence. Ben was so scared that he couldn't even cry.

She continued, tone still stiff but calm. "When I found out I was pregnant, I tried to get rid of you several times. But obviously, I didn't succeed because you're still here."

"If, if I'm not a human then what am I?" he asked with trembling voice. If he didn't speak at all, he might cry right at this moment.

His mother's hand reached his shoulder. It felt so strange that cold sweat started running down his back.


Ben blinked about a few times as it was his first time hearing the word "dampire". He knew the word "vampire", but "dampire"? No. As his mother continued telling him the story, it all felt surreal to Ben. Even so, he had no other choices than believing what he had just heard.

Ben felt his mother's grip on his shoulder got stronger to the extent that it made him pained as she kept telling Ben everything Ben has to know. The pair of eyes which met Ben's eyes weren't the usual empty and wasted eyes, but instead sharp-looking ones.

She told him that when a child was born from a human and vampire, the resulting child will be a "dampire". Only this kind of child has the ability to end the eternal life of a vampire. These are what his mother said his true identity.

To end vampires' life for good, tearing out the vampire's heart or neck is enough. But the only one who's able to carry this task is a vampire or dampire. Even if the dampire doesn't have any special ability, they are still able to kill them.

Moreover, dampire who was born on Saturday has the special skill to identify vampires. No matter how much efforts the vampires do to mask their vampireness and blend with ordinary humans, these special dampires would still be able to tell them apart.

To believe that vampire exists alone was hard for Ben. Then he was told that there's a human-vampire hybrid called dampire and that he was born as one. How could he continue living his life now that he found out he's different and has enemies?

His mother kept on talking, knowing that there's so much Ben was curious about. It was hard to give birth to a dampire, yet Ben didn't know about this.

When a vampire sucks the blood of human until it's empty, the victim will pass away. But there are also special cases where the human turns into a vampire instead of dying. That's when the vampire doesn't suck all the human's blood.

There were some rare cases where the vampire left the blood remain on purpose. They purposefully turning their victims into vampires. But before the victim turned into a vampire, they have to undergo a really hard and painful 'changing' phase. If one can't withstand the pain, they'd die.

After going through and passing some phases, finally, the victim will be reborn as a vampire. But becoming a dampire is harder.

For beast like vampire, the desire to suck blood is bigger than sex. It is rare to find a vampire having sex since it cannot stop itself from sucking blood. Besides, it's better than having a dampire as the result of the sex.

So, in Ben's mother's case, it all happened as pure coincidence. But for her, it's not a mere coincidence. Rather, it's an evil work that ruined her happiness for good.

His mother was losing all of her hope to live until one day, she overheard some kids talking about dampire and their special ability to kill vampires. She thought that Ben was a gift from God to get her revenge.

If vampires exist, then what about dampires?

From then onwards she started to study everything about vampires and told herself that no matter what happens, she has to live. She then gave birth to Ben, caring and raising him, searched and went to work, while waiting for Ben to grow up.

"Even though you're still a young kid, sooner or later―" his mother stopped for a moment and looked at Ben's eyes. Ben couldn't avoid her mother's eyes. He looked back as she tightened her grip on his shoulders.

She continued, "Things that you should be doing has been decided from the start, anyway."

After listening to his mother's stories, Ben now understand the reason why her mother didn't kill him. He was the right person to do her revenge. But even though Ben was born with the ability, if they don't do anything about it, it'll be useless.

After she told Ben everything, she taught Ben how to do her revenge. If Ben wasn't born on Saturday, she might have thrown him out. She didn't raise him because she wanted to―it's that vampire's fault that she got pregnant and had to raise Ben. Hence she raised Ben, out of pure hatred and the desire to get her revenge.

After that day, her mother taught him everything he has to do which he learned it sincerely. Even after telling and teaching him those things, his mother still never loved him. She only did this out of necessity.

Even so, Ben made his decision to live his life by getting her mother's revenge after the misery and pain she had to deal with. Also, he didn't want her mother to hate him or abandon him so he desperately learned it.

He went running to the mountain straight after waking up in the morning. He also learned how to use knives and guns from his mother's guests. Not everyone was skilled; some were merely bluffing, but among them, there were really skilled people. Those guys would teach Ben in the daylight and went to her mother's room at night.

Before he turned 10, he was curious about what those men and his mother do inside mother's room every night. But as he grew up, he felt that he didn't really care what they were doing nor their relationships anymore.

Ben was already a quiet kid, he already didn't talk much but as time went by, he became quieter.

He spent most of the time studying everything there is to know about vampires. He studied like crazy. His mother's men were also helping him with his study.

He was living his life as if it's the only thing that mattered; the only thing he has to do in life.

While Ben is busy with his study on vampires and crafting his skills to avenge his mother's grudge, his mother's mind was still occupied with her cursed fate. She hated Ben and only keeping Ben until he grows up and gets her revenge. She often thought about suicide, but she refrained from doing so because she hasn't got her revenge. The thought of it is the only thing that kept her alive.

When he was 15 years old, he brought home the head of his first-ever kill. He showed it to his mother―she seemed happy at first but after she found out that the head didn't belong to her assaulter, she looked disappointed.

Not wanting to disappoint his mother, Ben went back and forth to the places vampires often visit. He patiently staking the places, quietly observing the places and people around, and silently killing the vampires that fitted his mother's criteria. No matter how much he killed and brought the head back to his mother, she would look at it with disappointed eyes and told him it's not the one.

Then there was this tragedy when he hit 20. A drunk person stabbed his mother with a knife. There was blood everywhere and she's losing a lot of blood. Terrified, he quickly called the ambulance to take her to the nearest hospital. He did not want his mother to die in vain.

Inside the ambulance, his mother whispered a final wish. She wished Ben to kill that bastard, whatever it takes. And then she breathed her last sigh. During this moment, Ben just realised that the bastard his mother was referring to was his father. His own biological father.

After his mother's death, no one told him to kill the vampires anymore. He thought that it's fine to stop chasing and killing vampires now. Yet hunting and killing vampires was the only thing that he learned and could do. He didn't know how to do anything else.

And thus, Ben moved to London and became a vampire hunter to earn money. He promised to himself that he will kill that bastard. But first thing first, he needs to find that bastard before doing the deed.

28 years ago, a vampire disappeared after sexually assaulting a woman at the back alley of London. It wasn't an easy case and since then the perpetrator hasn't been found. He muttered to himself, wanting to ask why instead of sucking her mother's blood, that bastard chose to sexually assault her. If her mother's blood was sucked entirely, he wouldn't be here now. But it's better for his mother to die or be reborn as a vampire than having him as Dampire.

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