ODIT - Chapter 1 Part 1


TL: Momo
ER + PR: reizora


Q: What would you like to do if you went to another world?
A: I want to become a Hero, defeat the Devil King, build a harem and be lovey-dovey with some girls.

If you are a man, you will surely dream about such a thing once. No longer here but going to another world, suddenly becoming strong, going on an adventure, that kind of a protagonist's life story.

At least, I want to be like that. I really want to be like that. But in reality, even at this age I'm not popular at all = I never have a girlfriend. That's why I have a dream to renew everything by going to another world, having a cute girlfriend and be lovey-dovey with her.

What? You're already in the third year of high school, can't you get rid of your chuunibyou? After this I have to face the fiercely competitive university entrance exam, okay. So before that, please let my dream and my delusion run free. O God. Please let me transmigrate to another world! I'm serious about this wish.

Other than my dream that can't become true, right now, I don't have any unhappiness at all.  If you are wondering why, it is because I have a cute but cheeky little sister who considers her brother as an errand boy and a very beautiful childhood friend who only regards me as her best friend―

―Despite the cruel reality, I don't actually hate this world.

It's just that I'm not quite satisfied with my situation.

I also... I also want to live like the protagonist of the story! Life as the summoned Hero from another world who defeats the Demon King and then have a happy ending with the Princess.

From time to time, I’m always thinking about it!

Then one day, when I come to, I was already in a strange land. The area is lined up by brick building while people with animal ears and reptile-like face walks around. In this Medieval Europe-like town, I was standing in daze.

―Come to think of it, I have no memory before coming to this place. The scenery around me is obviously not Japan and I don't remember going on a trip to a place like this. Yeah, I'm sure about it.

No matter how you think about it, I have transmigrated to another world! God, thank you! 

Yahoo! I'm here! I'm in another world! Finally, I came to another world that I have always yearned for!

My nightly prayer finally got through! Every night at my bedside, I have always prayed, please let me go to another world! And I want to dream of about something erotic tonight! The latter always gets fulfilled every night, but the former didn't, so I almost gave up. But finally, it gets fulfilled too!

Thinking about it, in light novel, there's no explanation about the other world but is that alright? Where is the "I'm sorry I ended your life by mistake and as apology, I will transmigrate you to another world" kind of template?

And how did I die? Did I save the black cat that was almost hit by a car, or did I protect my friend from terrorists who took over the school and then died, or something like that?

Hmmm, I have no memories at all. Whatever! Let's just pretend I protected a beautiful girl and died. And because of that, I will have a reunion with a beautiful girl too in this world and then our love comedy will begin. Yes, yes, I know it.

Anyway, I don't have to be bothered by such matter if I want to live here, right?

As a man who came from modern time and suddenly thrown into another world, it will be impossible for me to live here. I want to believe that I'm being transmigrated here and I won't die soon because there is a trip privilege for me!

As far as I know, in the light novel and anime, the successive traveler usually receives some trip privilege. Then I, possibly, will have that too!

I'm going to check it immediately now. I want to know if I have been given cheat ability or weapon. After standing majestically in the middle of the road, I think I'm being a hindrance so I approached the end of the road.

I still wear my uniform. My belonging which include a handkerchief, tissue, and a smartphone is still here. Yep, my belonging is still the same as before and haven't changed at all.

Well, I wonder if I got some power and become stronger? After considering it for a moment, I use all of my strength to hit the wall near me. There was no change on the wall, but I didn't feel too much pain myself. Just, I feel a bit hot right now. Oh? It's coming, isn't it? I wonder if I have the typical no-damage skill?

Let's find out what skill I have. In my favorite light novel, you can understand the skill you have if you look at the status screen. However, I don't know how to display my status screen. If I chant the skill name properly will it become active, I wonder. For now, I will try it first.

"Defense Skill", "Magic Skill", "Swordsmanship Skill", "Exploration Skill", I continue to chant and the moment I said "Appraisal Skill", my world got blurred and various information popped up as letters in the air.

It seems to be a skill to appraise anything and anyone. I can even see the status of the passerby. 

Indeed, it's that pattern where you can appraise your own and other's status.

As expected, I have the trip privilege! Perhaps, I have some other skills too?

―My appraisal result looks like this:

Name】Shiromu Kusuki
Age】  18
Rank】 Lv.1
Skill】  Appraisal
- Transmigrated from another world.
- Able to know the details of things reflected in the field of your view, regardless it's a person or thing.
Price: None.

Skill】   Item Box (Dimensional Storage)
- Transmigrated from another world
- Own 10+Lv storage boxes in different spaces. Can storage up to 99 items. The same type of items can be stored in one box.
Price: None.

【Skill】Egonist (Selfish Defense)
- Transmigrated from another world.
- Have ?? as aptitude.
- Reduced the damage to 1/10 of the attack received. 
- There will be no effect during the abnormal circumstance.
Compensation: Sensitivity will be ×10.

Ooooh!! Great. I got three skill as my trip privilege.


Chuunibyou : Middle two disease

T R A N S L A T O R ' S   N O T E

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