DTR - Chapter 1.2 (ENG)


“Ash, I’m coming in.”

Someone knocks on the door of the private office at the far end of the studio. Ash looks up. The rectangular office has walls made of transparent glass; hence it is easy for whoever is inside to look at what happens outside of the room, and vice versa. The person knocking turns out to be Olivia, the head of the HR team.  <<The Unexpected>> is a medium-sized studio consisting of 40 people, which business mainly focuses on advertising and publishing for its clients, majorly those from cultural institutions. Olivia is the head of a two-person HR team.

“Come in.”

Recently, he closes a deal of a collaborative project between his studio and Magma books. Ash leans on his chair. Olivia smiles slightly and steps into the office. She does not seem to be intimidated by Ash as she sees him again today. Every time she sees Ash for the past 3 years since she joined the company, she has never missed a step. It is no longer nerve-wracking for her. Even though she sees his face or body outright, she won’t even flinch. It is because she’s been doing this since she was young.

“Daniel’s probation is over today.”

“It’s already time. Can you have a meeting in one hour?”

Olivia stands in front of the desk. A smile is plastered on her face as she glances at him. Olivia is a beta and well-aware that Ash only dates alphas. She once asked him to do some things with her in the past. It turns out to be an unrequited love since then. Even when people say that that would be enough to shake their minds, Ash never meet Olivia in private. No matter how beautiful she is, she is just not his type. Ash Jones is adamant about this.

“Yes. Then, should we schedule Daniel for this M&S project?”

“I think Mr. Nielson will help us to compete with GTF. Please proceed as it is.”

Olivia places her hand on the table. Ash looks at the cobalt-blue manicure on her fingers and then to his cell phone next to her hand. Ash’s phone vibrates. It is an incoming text message. Excusing himself, Ash takes his phone.

The notification from the text appears on the screen. Ash is surprised upon seeing the name of the sender. It is someone unexpected.

[Ash, how are you doing?]

The number’s ID, which he still has not erased yet, makes him recall a past memory that has yet to be forgotten. It is none other his crush, which story ends not so harmoniously, quite a while back. Ash blinks his eyes repeatedly in disbelief as he unlocks his phone.

Displayed on the phone screen now is a text bubble from more than half a year ago, precisely 8 months ago, when Ash decides to cut contact. There is an additional chat bubble, the one that has just arrived. Amidst all the complex emotions he feels upon receiving the text, Ash looks down at the name of the sender again and again, just to make sure. Nicholas White.

The man is an omega, to whom Ash Jones is introduced. Ash falls in love with him at first sight, to the point that it transcends his rules and types that he only dates alphas. Nicholas White is quite unique. He is a beta turned omega. The outcome is, however, not that good. It was the first time in his life that Ash Jones feels he failed so bitterly. The omega has an alpha, who has already given him his heart. The meeting with Ash made Nicholas realizes that fact.

Well, it’s a good thing that it has ended. Nevertheless, Ash is not the type of person that forgets things easily. It is a short meeting, yet it is so intense. His memories start coming back.

“Ash, what’s wrong? Are you alright?”


He is staring blankly at his phone screen. Ash smiles at Olivia. His gently folded and curved eyes enrapture Olivia for a while.

“I’m sorry but can you leave me alone for a minute? There’s something urgent that I need to take care of.”

“Yes, of course.”

Olivia politely nods as she stands up and leaves the room. Ash buries himself in his chair with a faint look on his face. He has tons of work to do at the moment, but right now, his brains can’t seem to think about anything.

It is common sense for him to not answer those texts. It is all over. Replying to those messages will only confuse him further. Yet sometimes people make stupid decisions, even though they know the possible outcomes. Ash lets out a deep breath and once again holds his phone, replying to the message.

The reply from Nicholas comes quickly. Just about 10 minutes later, Ash has accepted Nicholas’s invitation to meet later this evening.