DTR - Chapter 1.1 (ENG)


“I’ve never seen you like this, Carlyle.”  A voice says as the door opens.

Carlyle wakes up and looks at his secretary who is working on a tablet. When he glances at the door, there is a person standing there. That person is none other than Luther Milan, the Frost clan’s doctor.

“It seems so.”

“How many years has it been since I’ve seen you like this? 6? No, it’s 7 years.”

Luther nods his head as he makes his way to approach Carlyle. The exterior walls of Luther’s lab are covered with glass. It is located on the 9th floor of the Royal Hospital in White Chapel. Luther Milan himself is the head of the only trait laboratory in London.

“It was just before Young Master went back from a ‘business trip’ to the United States,” Luther says before he laughs again and pulls out a chair from below a desk made of ebony. The sun’s ray shines behind Luther who is now sitting against the glass wall, each line of it makes the dust floating in the air visible.

Carlyle does not frown at the stinging light rays from the sun penetrating into his eyes. Instead, he just shields his eyes with his hands while staring at Luther. In Luther’s hands is none other than Carlyle’s test results.

“You have a good memory, Luther.”

“Only for you, Young Master.”

“If you said that only to ease the tension, then cut it. Just tell me the results.”

Written on the paper on Luther’s hands is the result of Carlyle’s consultation from 30 minutes ago and several physical tests, as well as the data recorded from his past consultations and tests.

He now will too identify Carlyle’s anomaly. True to his words, Rupert contacts Luther as soon as the clock strikes 9 a.m. this morning. Later that very afternoon, Carlyle was summoned straight to Luther’s lab. The slight discomfort caused by light is not frowned upon by Carlyle. Carlyle moves his fingers and gently massages his temple. He himself has guessed the cause of the anomaly.

“You may have guessed it but…”


“It seems like it is psychological, Carlyle. I can’t categorize it as an abnormality. There’s nothing wrong with your physical function.”

As expected. He breathes out a sigh. It is a pity that no one else is in this situation. He feels pathetic.

“Hannah, who is charge of the counseling, says the reason is that you feel obligated and burdened with sexual activity.”

Carlyle recalls the hour-long consultation. Counseling is never easy for Carlyle, who has never talked about what is in his heart. He doesn’t even want a counseling session. There is no dramatic incident in his life, thus he has never experienced any traumas. He doesn’t even think about it when he was going to have the consultation.

The one who conducts the counseling is a female alpha in her 40s who goes by the name Hannah. With the few words Carlyle reluctantly utters, the woman seems to have finished analyzing him.

“You think so?”

“Based on what you said, I guess so. I think it is a quite reasonable analysis.”

Luther Milan, who turns 47 this year, is the head of the lab and a competent alpha male who has been Carlyle’s primary doctor since he was 16. As someone who has taken care of Carlyle for a long time, Luther agrees with Hannah’s opinion. Carlyle listens to his remarks and thinks calmly as well as carefully.

“You have faithfully lived your life to fulfill your duties. You are the most dutiful person I’ve ever known.”

“I don’t really see the correlation between what you are implying and my so-called illness.”

“So, you see, your sexual life is more like a...duty or means, to make you feel as if you have accomplished something.”

Luther has been continuously monitoring Carlyle and his younger brother, Kyle. Not all doctors are like that. They are one of a kind as they bear the Frost family name. The family is known for producing dominant alphas.

According to British customs, where aristocracy still exists, the Frosts, is obsessed in maintaining the bloodline. In order to produce dominant alphas, there is a twisted belief within the family that a good bloodline is the one that is connected. From generation to generation, dominant alpha comes from aristocratic bloodlines and in many ways has been superior to a normal Alpha. Kyle, Carlyle’s brother, is this rare dominant alpha.

Although Carlyle himself is not a dominant alpha, he has the blood of an aristocracy, so it is possible that he will produce a good offspring for the next generation. That is why, since the beginning of Carlyle’s rut, his grandfather has been cautious of him meeting an omega, which would possibly cause an unwanted circumstance. He is always on surveillance, restricted in dating and forbidden from unnecessary relationships. The omegas that Carlyle is allowed to fall in love with are only those that are descendents of a prestigious family, whom would someday be given to him. The exact individual, however, has neither been decided nor confirmed. Until this one and only right omega comes, the omegas whom he will meet must be repeatedly switched to avoid any unnecessary attachment.

The definition of sex, as it is commonly referred to in this world, is quite strange to Carlyle. For him, sex is only a natural mean of relieving a sexual appetite resulting from a rut, or a tool involved in business necessities.

“Is that a problem?”

"Sex is closely related to mentality, Carlyle."

Carlyle gives a slight frown. For him, who is rather familiar to the word ‘sex’, many words related to it have caused him a slight discomfort.

“The burden that is present in your heart has an effect on your sexual function.”

Contradiction barges into Carlyle’s mind, yet it doesn’t stay long.  If there are no abnormalities in his physical function, there should be no problem on erecting or ejaculating. Sexual intercourse in the first place is breeding. For Carlyle, sex is, after all, mating. But Carlyle keeps his mouth shut instead of retaliating. The man is a doctor, and he knows much more about human physical symptoms than Carlyle. Carlyle’s opinions are unimportant. It will be better if he is to ask a solution for the symptoms that occurred.

“I see.”

“Yes, Carlyle. Sex is more than just a reproductive act. It has more meaning than that. It’s a combination of love and to some extent, entertainment as well.”

It is not interesting. It has nothing to do with Carlyle, anyway. Carlyle then plainly asks for a solution.

“Tell me, what are the treatments?”

“This is my personal opinion, Carlyle.”


“I think you should try having sex with someone that is not an omega,” says Luther.

Carlyle stops massaging his temples. He then curves his index finger and sits up straight from his previously lying down position. There is faint expression of both wonder and confusion on his face.

“W-What do you mean by that?”

“If you’re really good at sex then it won’t matter if the other person is not an omega but… I don’t think Lord Frost will approve it.”

“I thought it is not possible unless it is with an omega…”

Luther smiles coldly. Carlyle’s face, on the other hand, remains expressionless.

“I’m happy that you’re still as innocent as a 16 year old.”

Carlyle is silent at Luther’s strange remark. Innocent. What on earth…The quick witted Carlyle, who expresses his curiosity through facial expressions for a moment, then returns to his normal, cold look.

“Don’t spout non-sense, Luther.”

“A variety of sexual acts can be performed without the premise of insertion, Carlyle. You can also insert it.”

Carlyle keeps his mouth shut. He is slowly figuring out what Luther is talking about.

“I don’t think I can do that...”

“Carlyle, an Alpha and a Beta can feel as much as they want, as long as their prostate is still intact.”

“I have never done that before. I’m afraid I’ll make my partner uncomfortable.”

“Oh, Carlyle…” Luther sighs.

Carlyle feels the flow of the conversation is getting out of hand. It is getting quite uncomfortable for him.

“I’m telling you to try something new.”

His tone is rather…strange. Carlyle agonizes over Luther’s underlying intentions. “No way,” he thinks.

“Contrary to what you’ve been doing so far, try finding someone who will satisfy you.”

Slowly, he lowers his hand and grabs the arm rest.

“If you’re tired of putting it in, why don’t you experience the opposite?”

Carlyle laughs slowly. His lips twitch despite his expressionless face.

“Are you sane?”

“Yes. As a matter of fact, my intelligence and reasoning are shining today! You’re lucky to have a competent expert of traits like me.”

“I’ll pretend I’ve never heard that. Please think of another way.”


Although Luther is smiling, his tone implies that he is indeed serious. Just like how Luther knows much about Carlyle, Carlyle knows as much about Luther as well. When he speaks like that, it means he is not joking.

“If you don’t act quickly early on, it’ll affect your day to day living. If you’re having trouble during your daily routine, even during the rut period, it means that you’ve had the psychological problem for quite a while now.”

“It doesn’t have to be treated this way.”

“I’m suggesting you to meet with another alpha or beta because it is the best solution for the current situation.”


“For you, omegas are no longer a compatible sex partner. Even if you have sex, you will end up feeling a little bit more pressured or irritated than before.”

Carlyle is immediately silenced. He has to admit it. He is fed up with sex with omegas. Whenever he is met with an omega, there’s so much to think of.

Do not give affection. Pay special attention to contraception. Do not leave the room unless you are satisfied.

He is sick and tired of the ruts that come and go every month. He wants to pass it with an inhibitor, even though that is not up to him. Carlyle closes his eyes for a moment before it opens again. It is still quite hard for him to accept the idea of being inserted, but Luther is not entirely wrong. Having sex with an alpha or beta doesn’t involve as much thinking and careful planning as to having sex with an omega.

His willingness to have sex that way – as the one being penetrated – is…zero. However, if the symptoms continue, it’ll be difficult for him in the long run. It needs to be treated in the early stage, so that there will be no problem in the future. He has to think rationally. Self-esteem and personal preference should not interfere with his rational judgment in this situation.


“You seem to come to your sense rather quickly.”

There is a moment of silence. He knows that he has to meet an alpha or a beta, but where will he find one?

“Do you worry about where you can find such a person?”

Luther’s observation skills are good as that of a ghost’s. At times, he is way too quick to notice changes in one’s expressions. Carlyle nods slightly.

“For your reference, your partner must be an expert who is very skilled and highly experienced, even more so than yourself, Carlyle.”

“…He has to be like that, huh.”

“Of course, isn’t it only normal to search for such person if you want that someone to bring you a new experience?”

“I have to find someone like that, then.”

He is confused. It will definitely be a pain in the ass to find someone who is really good at sex. He is a busy man. His schedule is already packed as it is, as he needs to work on his many ongoing projects in London. It will be a waste of Carlyle’s time to postpone those important jobs and dedicate his mind as well as energy to this crazy situation. Luther shrugs as he stands up from his seat and says, “I think I can help you with that.”

Carlyle raises one eyebrow. Is Luther reading his mind?

“I think it is a good thing to be acquainted with those around us.”

“Did you just say ‘us’?”

Carlyle repeats the word that referred to himself and Luther. Luther laughs and picks up another file on his desk. Carlyle stands up after Luther, who pushes his own chair and moves. Carlyle, with his chair at its designated place, now walks side by side with Luther. Luther stops at the door.

“It is someone you know quite well, Carlyle, which is why he is in this laboratory now. The heavens really help you out on this one, Carlyle.” Luther speaks as he opens the door. A corridor is seen over the wide open door. Two people are sitting in the waiting room of the hall. Carlyle sees a familiar face. The light-skinned handsome man with a neat, black hair turns out to be Carlyle’s younger brother, Kyle and beside him is…

“Kyle, Nicholas. You two are early.”

Carlyle is stunned when he sees the two faces he does not expect to see. He soon realizes who Luther referred to as the ‘partner’. The blonde, handsome young man sitting next to Kyle is none other than Nicholas White, Kyle’s lover and now, spouse.

Carlyle has known Nicholas for a long time. Nicholas once saved Kyle when he was kidnapped. Since then, Kyle has had a 16 year long unrequited love with Nicholas which ended with both of them married. It is something worth celebrating. Kyle, who went through a terrible kidnapping, couldn’t open his heart to anyone other than Nicholas.

But why should it be Nicholas White...?

Carlyle quietly recalls his information on Nicholas. Come to think of it, Nicholas has met and dated countless people before he is together with Kyle. It isn’t a very pleasant topic for Kyle; he is burned with jealousy to the core. Yet, Carlyle kind of guesses why Luther recommends Nicholas. Nicholas is a man of experience and knows him quite well too.

Carlyle’s mouth shows that he understands the situation. A faint look of embarrassment is seen through his sealed lips.