ODIT - Character Introduction


Main Character:

※ Shiromu
A high school boy who transmigrated to another world where only males exist there.
He got a lot of cheating skills as his trip privilege, but it comes with a ridiculous price…!?

※ Philerto
Member of Shiromu's party. He is a slave from the Catman Tribe. His master (Hiromu) is his life. Because he is a cat, he has agile movement. 

※ Ride
Member of Shiromu's party. He is just like his impression, an earnestly guy from the Tigerman Tribe. A handsome macho guy.

※ Michel
A beautiful older brother and the receptionist of the guild.

※ Lydia
A gothic-loli vampire. She considered human being as lower animals.

※ Gray
An S-ranked adventurer. There are only five S-ranked adventurers in the world.

※ Nick
A merchant who is extremely strict with money.

※ Leon
A skilled magician. Nick's childhood friend.