Alpha's Trace - Prologue


Alpha. Beta. Omega.

Humans are divided into these three races. That distinction brought invisible division into this world. On top, there are Alphas, followed by Betas, and the last ones are the Omegas. Despite these class difference, the world is seemingly equal because these classes are invisible from the naked eye.

From the moment they came to this world, Alphas are born as a ruler. They naturally took over the world, surpassing basic human limits in all of their physical, intellectual, and spiritual capacities. Since ancient times until now, those who formed society, clans, and moving the world are Alphas. According to their genes, Alphas are divided into two types: dominant and recessive ones. Of course, those with dominant genes are the ones who took the lead of the reign.

Beta. They made up 90% of the population of the world. For hundreds of years, Betas are the classes who last the longest among Alphas and Omegas. Compared to the Alphas, they are mediocre. Betas couldn't smell the pheromones emitted by Alphas and Omegas. They are just ordinary people who live with all of their might, having the power to change their fate with their efforts. Of course, most of the time we don't realize it.

Lastly, there are Omegas.

Regardless of their sex, all Omegas can get pregnant. Alphas are only able to get and see their descendants through Omegas, making them the most important and precious beings.

Unlike the Betas, Alphas and Omegas can smell the scent of their pheromones and use it to seduce each other to form a bond and keep their races alive. They somehow share these centuries deep, beastly instinct and hunger to preserve their race. It has also been said that imprinting is an important way to form a bond with each other, which is a special trait only shared between Alphas and Omegas.

I believe all of these things;

Until I met that person.


It was like the darkness of the night was slowly being swallowed by lights from the sky. Red, green, blue, yellow, purple... All kinds of colour emitted from the neon signs are masking the true colour of the buildings, its colours seducing people to come and be its patrons. Cars and people were packing the streets, heading to the clubs filled with colourful refinements. Here, the invisible circle that separate Alphas, Betas, and Omegas weren't needed anymore. What exists here were only beasts who stay faithful to their instincts. Here was a field full of instincts and pleasures, with rational thoughts being thrown out of the window.


This signboard was quite different from other club signboards which marked with a sign of undeniable shallowness. [The Alpha] dark blue signage shines with an air of ambiguity of the dusk, making it look like it supposed to not belong in this street.

A while later, a silvery sports car stopped right in front of it. This high-end sports car's showy colour and slender bow-like shape didn't seem like it matched with the club's mysterious aura signage.

"W...welcome!" A beta wearing the club's tee squeaked drowsily over the sound of the running engine, as he ran toward the driver seat. The beta staff was one step too late. By the time they approached the car, the owner of the car has gotten out and already walking toward the club entrance. When the staff lifted their bowed head and looked back, the sports car's key was already being placed into their open palm. They saw the man getting into the club briskly, with urgent in his steps as if being chased by something.


[The Alpha] sign inside flashes with dark blue lights, welcoming the guests.


Over the vibrations of loud music, bright lights, and drunken people packed inside, his call would surely be swallowed. Despite that, he was confident. After all, he's an Alpha calling out to other Alpha. Alphas have a pair of precise ear that able to hear what they want to. It was even more perfect in those who have dominant Alpha traits. But for a while, the owner of the name did not look back at him.

"Ivan! Over here!"

Still no answer.


In the end, he went through the packed crowds and disappeared into a corner.

Truthfully, Ivan recognised his voice without a doubt. Annoyed, the Alpha muttered to himself, 'what's with that guy?'

Ivan has heard a lot of that kind of complaint, but he chose to ignore it. He couldn't afford to worry about that kind of thing, thus he hurriedly went down the stairs.

As noises upstairs start to fade away, Ivan saw rows of fancy VIP rooms lined up in the colorful hallway before him. It was kind of a club's secret place. It was not someplace that anyone can easily get into. To get in, an exclusive membership card is needed, but surely no one is stupid enough to not recognise the face of a regular patron. Hence Ivan was able to enter without any kind of authorization.

As he stepped into the hallway, his instinct instantly picking up various instincts mixed up with pheromones flowing from inside the closed doors. Frowning, Ivan hurriedly walked past it. He felt sick. Keeping his jaw tight to prevent it, he swallowed and walked by. In the past, this kind of pheromone mixing situation will be welcomed, but now the situation was reversed.

First of all, it was because of that person.

Ivan bit his lower lip, walking faster with mixed emotions of resentment and unexplainable feelings. Then he ran as if being chased. From the platinum foot shoes to his shoulder, he's getting really messy. However, these did not ruin his appearance at all. Especially as a brilliant dominant Alpha, who hardly lacking in appearance and perfect figure. His looks will easily tempt any omega to share some passion with him.

But right now, Ivan's mind was focused in one place only and fiercely ran toward it. As he stepped forward, he felt like his body couldn't take it anymore. His breath became laborious, almost sounded like it was sobbing from between his teeth. This was his limit, he couldn't take it anymore. He gradually slowed down and came to a halt. At the end of the VIP hallway, a bodyguard with a looming frame stood.

“This point forward is a staff-only area,” the bodyguard said with a mechanical tone. But before he could finish his sentence, Ivan pulled out a card, placed it right in front of the bodyguard's black sunglasses. The card carries the image of [The Alpha] club logo with that same obscure blue background, just like the one in the entrance hall. Upon seeing that, the bodyguard quickly snapped his mouth shut, took the card, and swipe it against the card reader by the door.

The red flashing light on the reader soon turned into blue, reading 'Access Approved'.

The large-framed bodyguard stepped aside, revealing a door behind him. The door opened, followed by a squeaky sound. Ivan hesitated for a while, swallowing his breath. The moment he stepped through the threshold, Ivan step's halted.

“Hello, Ivan.“

Ivan’s mind recognised that voice. His stiff expression melted slowly as the person who stood in front of him smile. Now, even if he closed his eyes, that person would still be standing right in front of him. That person's body, heat, and breath dig hotly through his senses.

Desperately, vividly, Ivan’s feet that once stopped on the threshold of the doors move, running toward him without hesitation.

“ little shit! Why did you show up now?” Ivan said with resentment, his face felt hot.

The man laughed, but then he stopped and said, "I always have been here, waiting. Hoping you will come,” he said, soft and sweetly, making Ivan burst into tears.

“I can’t stand it anymore. It’s...way too...painful.”

With a tremendous gesture, he enveloped Ivan’s shoulder, pulling him tightly into his arms and whispers, “Shh, don’t worry. I’m here now, aren’t I?”

The door behind them was still open, showing their hugging figures to the world outside. He looked up and stared at the space behind the door, beyond Ivan. That moment, the smile from his face slightly fell.

In the meantime, in a friendly but slightly cold tone, a small voice said to Ivan.

“Finally. You’re back in my arms again.”

The door behind them closed, along with the world behind it.

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