TMA - Chapter 1 Part 1


part 1

The road was covered with water after the rain just stopped. Ben who was standing in front of an alley cursed under his breath. He almost catches them but days with high humidity, it makes him hard to do so.

Ben was contemplating whether he should go inside the alley or not. If the trap fails he could lose the chance at all so he's being more careful than ever now.

Not wanting to miss anything, Ben has been watching every single move with his deep look.

Tadadak, he heard a sound. With a weapon in hand, he checked it one more time.

Ben closed his eyes slowly trying to focus on the sound whilst holding his breath.

Moment later, a flowing wind with the smell of those bastards passed by the tip of his nose. His body moved to the direction where the wind came from. The sound from earlier could be heard more clearly, he knew where he's going.

He opened his eyes and walked toward the direction where the sound was heard without a second thought.

He found them already injured. If only he could be more sure of the direction, he could capture them. But now he's confident to catch them alive even more.

Ben put some strength on his feet and tried to walk as quiet as possible.

Standing in the narrow end of the alley, Ben once again checking on his weapon.

His heart was telling him to go to the right side. Go out of this alley and straight to the right. Without hesitating, Ben needed to do it right away.

He took a glance at the empty sky and held tight on his weapon. Turned around to his right and held his weapon up, ready to aim.

Empty. Ben was pointing his gun at an empty air.

Dumbfounded. Ben put down his weapon.

Impossible. He believed he had strong vision, how come there was nothing, not even a rat.

Ben laughed at himself and cursed. Did he lose all of his senses too now? Without losing his guard, he walked away.

He looked into the street, screening meticulously. He was sure it was near.

As he continued walking, he found a dead dog. A brown sneakers that's torn. Ben frowned.

Few steps ahead, Ben was attracted to a pile of trash. No matter what, today's plan was an absolute failure. Ben recognized a human leg in between the trash.

He believed this was the place that dragged his sense into.

Under a dim street light, among the pile of the trash, he could see a red color. That made his feeling gone bad.

Was the person already dead? Or was he fainted because he ran out of energy? Not an easy job to tell.

Usually he knows what's the cause or how it happened the moment he sees it but in a case like this, it's hard to tell. They looked like an average person, but with that pale skin, they also didn't look like someone from here.

Ben stood still for a while. Decided to think that it's a person and attempted to wake the person up.

The skin was so pale as it reflected the light of the moon.

Under those thick eyebrows, the eyes were shut close. The nose, thin lips that shut firmly. It was probably because the skin was so pale that it made the lips so red.

At the crime scene when Ben doesn't recognize the face of the victim it's best not to suspect anyone nor anything yet.

Ben took a deep breath while leaning against the pile of the trash. He checked the pulse on the neck. With a weapon in hand he's about to say something to the lying body.

Ben was prepared if by any chance he needs to shoot his gun but he could feel the weak pulse on his other hand, he laughed.

He's now cautious of a human he might as well retired from his job at this moment.

"Hey," Ben lightly smacked the man who fainted but didn't move even a single bit. He shook the man's shoulder a bit harder but still no respond.

Now, Ben could have a better look at how the man's look.

The way he dressed up was neat and fancy, Ben thought that a person like him didn't suit being at the back alley.

Ben took a glance at his own sneakers and the man's shoes, thought, a man who dressed up like this, how could he ended up in such a place?

Ben was faced with two options. If he leave the man he could be eaten by those bastards. Ben then put the man's arm on his shoulder and grabbed the man's waist to help him stand up.

Ben couldn't help but to stare at the man's face once again as their faces were close to each other now.

Even when Ben already confirmed the existence of the man's pulse with that pale skin it made him look like he's not a human.

Ben leaned the man on the wall whilst checking on the right and left side of the road. No special act was caught but bringing the man back to his headquarter doesn't seem so right.

In a case where the truth hasn't been revealed, the offender could playing victim and fooling everyone.

Ben couldn't help but feel pathetic to his curious self that he didn't have enough evidence to solve the case. He smiled bitterly and helped the man again.

The man was taller than Ben so the man's legs were dragged and the man's feet could be hurt by the tip of the shoes. But Ben didn't have time to think of that now. At least Ben could also took care of the falling umbrella next to the man.

When London is having its humid weather, it's hard to smell those bastards' scent. Moreover, losing his target today just made things worse.

Finally came out of the alley, Ben tried to catch a taxi home. He threw out the umbrella onto the taxi's floor and pushed the man to get inside the taxi before him. Sitting beside the man and told the driver where to go.

The driver seemed to be curious of what happened to the unconscious man sitting next to Ben but pretended not to notice.

Ben felt that the man made a move so he took a look at the man again.

It never happened to Ben before where he couldn't tell apart whether the man next to him is a human or not.

If he was a human Ben could help him out and in contrary, if he's not a human Ben could finish him in one go, but since Ben himself weren't sure of anything, he couldn't take further movement to the man.

Ben stared at the moon that can be seen from the car's window. He didn't feel strange or smell any weird scent here.

He wondered what's the cause of him feeling unpleasant. Is it the man next to him or the fact that he lost his target today.

Ben made himself comfortable and closed his eyes. Memories of the past and present playing on the head made his head ache.

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