Omega - ONE


From the 17th floor, the vehicles down below looked like Lego pieces adorned with glittering glass ornaments. I chose to live in an apartment building because it offers the sort of practicality I have always desired.

I hate my parents. So much.

Every now and again my parents would always fight, believing it was the best way to let out their stressful day. My mother would always yell at my father whenever he was out with his friends, especially when she caught him with an Omega. She would emerge from her room and gave him the look. It was a code. That there would be a World War III inside my house.

Moreover, living in an apartment building means I don’t have to make nice with my neighbors. We don’t have to be in each other’s face all the time, no matter who’s spending the night at my unit or what’s going on inside my space.

I sighed, staring at the ceiling. Sometimes I wondered whether all adults had the tendency to yell, went violence, and force their children to do whatever they like when they were angry.

I thought about so many things. About how to kept my dream alive and how my parent's stubbornness to obey said ‘an arranged marriage’ has led me to make the riskiest decision I’ve ever made in my life. Not that I regretted it, not with all the freedom I finally received, telling me that I’ve done the right thing by coming to this city, living out in this apartment alone. I like Seoul. Since the first time I stepped off the train, and then when I rode in a taxi and going through traffic, it was the same atmosphere I used to feel back in my hometown. And I always felt as though this city was giving me an endless welcome.

Deep down, I thought my parents have somehow prepared myself to see what may become of me. Perhaps they want to see me spread my wings and fly off like Icarus soaring against all odds. But I actually never want this. Forced to engage with someone I didn’t love at all. All week have to put on a fake smile, couldn’t be my own self. But the decision has been made. At that time, I was confronted with two choices, stay to please my parents or escape but someday I have to be the CEO of my father’s company―which actually never be my dream in life.

The weather forecast on TV that I didn’t really pay attention since a while ago, predicted a sunny day. So I got up, try to relax, and decided to leave those stressful thoughts behind for an hour or two, enjoy the sun.

And somehow, as I walked quietly and enjoying the warm sunlight across my face, I ended up in a park. It was almost 3 pm. Like other people, I was appreciating every inch of sunlight I could get today.

I smile at the sight of a pair of twin boys who walked cheerfully, hand in hand between their parents. How wonderful when you could spend your childhood in a ‘normal way’. Your parents would promising a cookie, a lollipop, an amusement park, or even a puppy. But in my case, it never be more than a fantasy.

Arbeit macht frei, my father used to tell me when I was a kid. Work will set you free. Of course, the little me could only obey his words, never once questioning what’s the real meaning behind it. But when I was eleven I found out where the slogan came from. The Nazis preached it to their prisoners. Right before working them to death.

I kept walking in silence for quite some time.

Until I saw him. Standing like a statue of Adonis. In the midst of the beautiful park flowers. Becoming the most interesting part of it. Smooth skin. Elongated neck as elegant as a swan’s. Black hair shone under the radiant sun. While the smile he put on his face made his face looked glittering like crystal. His eyes observing the flowers, adoring the beautifulness of them.

I approached.

"So, it turns out that there are also people who like this ugly scene, huh?" I said a little skeptical, but that's just a way so I could talk to this beautiful male.

He turned his head to the suddenly coming figure.

"Ugly you say?" The beautiful male’s eyes squinted, didn’t accept the words I just blurted out.

"Yep. Everyone in this world knows that the flowers here are ugly." I studied his beautiful figure from head to toe.

And I was guessing that he might mutter to himself, How rude! How could he say that these flowers are ugly?!

"How dare you said these flowers are ugly!" he said sarcastically, justifying my guess. "Are you blind?"

I chuckled. "Haha, sorry, I was just joking, you know."

The beautiful male then immediately put on a pout mode, felt irritated to be fooled. However, for me, his irritated face was still looked pretty. The cuter it became. Got me want to pinch his cheeks.

And whatever devil was suddenly possessed inside of me, without shame let alone hesitation, then I invited him to talk. Silly actually, because never in life I’ve been acting like this before. Even people had told me that I'm the spit of a rock. My face is cold they said. But the funny thing was at this very moment I felt like I was the bravest man in the world. Because I have succeeded to make a conversation with this beautiful dazzling male.

We talk about a lot of things, from A to Z. He's smart.

"We've been just talking and talk, but who’s your name?" he asked after didn’t know how long we’ve been talking.

"Dart Vader," I replied teasingly, that instantly made him look sulky.

"Haha. Okay okay, don’t be mad. I’m Wonwoo, Jeon Wonwoo. And you?" I finally answered seriously.

"Harley Quinn." His reply was short, responding to my teasing earlier.

"Are you by any chance a vengeful man?"

He shrugged his shoulders. "Don’t blame me. I think it’s you who made me respond that way."

And for the umpteenth time, I let out a small laugh again.

"Want to leave from here?” I said. “We can eat anywhere. I'm hungry."

"But it’s your treat, ‘kay?" He pleaded with sparkling eyes.

I, who saw those cute eyes could only nod, it was impossible to refuse him. After all, it was me who invited him, wasn’t it?

Leaving the park area, we then hunted a nice place to eat. As we walk, we talk again and again. He introduced himself as Jeonghan. We talk about random things. About what kind of music we like, movie actors, ‘till ending up on the absurd things we should not ask at the first meeting. And I discovered that he turned out to have as much of the same passion as me. Until finally I realized that we’ve been just circling around on the street with no direction, confused where to go. However, fifteen minutes later Jeonghan suddenly point to a half-busy Japan restaurant.

"I always want to try the food here, people said they had super good ramen," he said as we enter the restaurant.

Hearing that, I kind of felt weird, why didn’t he just try it out before? But I let it go for now.

A waiter approached, handing us the menu book.

"Can we order this?" Jeonghan pointed at a big bowl of ramen with a very red sauce. "It’s gonna be free if we can finish this in thirty minutes? Yeah yeah?"

Again, he showed those sparkling eyes, made me agree without thinking twice.

"Besides, I think it’s not that spicy." He continued afterward.

But wrong. His assumption was completely wrong. The owner of the restaurant did not hesitate when he put the words SUPER SPICY in the menu book. I swore, he was such a cruel person. To the extent that our faces were reddened like the chili pepper they poured on our bowls. While sweat also sliding from our forehead because of the spiciness.

In the end both Jeonghan and I could not finish the ramen, then decided to return home and laughing at our arrogant pride as if we could finish it all in just thirty minutes. But before actually went home, I said that I was glad spending the day with him. It was fun.

And so it was. Fate was being kind to me. We always met almost every day.

And today, our nine encounter was in the same park two weeks later. But somehow I felt that he was very different from before. He had a sad aura. His eyes was full of sorrow. And...lonely.

We sat on one of the park benches. Hip-to-hip, shoulder-to-shoulder. So close, just like other people. Drift away the cold breeze. Just like lovers.

"I want to disappear from this world." Jeonghan's voice broke quietly.


"I want to die. So bad."

"That’s really doesn’t make sense."

"Excuse me?"

"You're beautiful. Young. Smart. The future stretches brightly in front of you. Your life is perfect, many people are certainly very jealous of you. Many people definitely want to be like you. You are surrounded by perfection. How could you possibly think to die?"

"Oh, is that how I look from a distance? You're too much, Woo. You think by looking at me who according to you beautiful, smart, with a bright future, my life is really perfect? Unfortunately, your guess was wrong."

"Okay. Sorry if I saw you just from the outside. I'm ready to be a good listener."

But Jeonghan only kept silence.

Some young couples walked past us, joking happily enjoying their date. One or two of them even had had a child. Likewise with the old couples, they were not less being intimate, hand in hand.

Thirty minutes. We just sat in silence.

Until I saw his small frame began to tremble. His gaze was empty. Then, without he could restrain, tears went out unbearably. His sobbing could be heard. And I, who saw him crying like that closest our bodies right away, trying to put his head on my chest. Soothing him. But before I can do it, Jeonghan suddenly stood abruptly.

“I-I’m sorry... I’m sorry,” he said while sobbing. “I’m sorry...I...I can’t meet you again...I...”

And just like that. He suddenly turned his body and ran like there was someone who forbade him to meet me. I tried to chase after him. But unfortunately, I couldn’t find him anywhere. Maybe because he’s really avoiding me. Or maybe because I was a newcomer in this city, not familiar enough to find some secret hiding places.

For days, he left me in confusion. I wonder, what is happening to him? He was just okay the day before he acted strange and ran away from me. Is he alright? Is he being threatened by someone? Or even got abused?

Somehow, those thoughts really made me scared. He is an omega after all. There were so many bad cases that befall on omegas. Some of them even got brutally abused and killed.

Deep down, I was wondering too why do I even concerned about him so much. This is really not my style. I was the kind of Alpha that never cared about surroundings. Yes, we were indeed talked about each other before. But, I didn't know him that close. We just know for two weeks. I didn’t know where he lives. I didn’t know where is his school. But, I felt like there was something inside Jeonghan, especially when I look into those beautiful eyes. Really, it somehow made my heart raced like the sound of one hundred horses running wildly in the midst of a war.

I spent days thinking, mulling over what to do. To get away from this weird feeling. And I realized that I had fallen in love with him.

Today, I wandered alone around the park again. If I walked long enough, perhaps I could see him again. That if I spent as little time in the apartment as possible and returned only when exhausted, I could find out what is wrong with Jeonghan and help him to fix his problems later. Or...I could even bring myself to confess my feelings after that.

Sometimes later, I realized that I might have gone on for a long time—the sky was already dark on top of me. But then in my walks I stumbled upon, or perhaps was led to...something. It was a house. I saw a plank in front of it, an orphanage. Then I saw a man about five or six years older than me went out from the orphanage while pulled out Jeonghan’s hair so harsh. He shouted and cursing while Jeonghan cried a sob and begging for forgiveness.

I was dead silent for a while, but the next second without I even aware, my foot moved on its own.

This is a crime! A violence! This can’t be happening! I have to stop him from hurting Jeonghan!

So when I finally reached them, in this close I could see Jeonghan’s teary eyes clearly. But the thing that made me so shocked and super mad at the same time was, his beautiful face was full of blood and wounds! For God’s sake, what is the meaning of this?!

And for the second time without I realized, my hands also moving on its own. I threw a hard blow on the man’s head. Beating him like crazy. He fell. And before the man could get up, I hit his face again. Stomach. Then his chest. One blow produced a loud cracking sound. Really, never once in life, I was as brutal as this. I was angry. Really angry.

Once I was thought that the man had unconscious, I turned right. But...

Jeonghan has gone!

And right then, like a bullet casing loose from its pistol, I skyrocketed. Searching for him. Running around like a wild animal. East, west, south, and north. But still, I couldn’t find him anywhere!

Where the heck was he? I swore he was here before! Huddled and frightened!

I really don’t understand...why did he running away from me again?